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Affordable fashion is everything that this blog stands for! Being chic and wearing the latest styles and trends doesn’t necessarily mean you have to max out your credit card.

Affordable retailers are getting increasingly popular around the world, and more and more designers are realizing their market appeal and collaborate with these retailers on ready to wear collections: Alber Elbaz and Donatella Versace for H&M, Jason Wu for Target, Mary Katrantzou for Topshop, etc.

Even red carpet fashion is changing in this direction and more and more celebrities dare to wear affordable dresses to big Hollywood events. Nicole Richie, for example, wore a gorgeous Topshop dress to the 2013 MET Gala.

168197931Nicole Richie wearing Topshop. Photo courtesy of

We love browsing through thrift shops and flea markets for bargains, Sometimes the least expensive pieces are also the most unique ones.



Vera’s outfit:

Denim skirt: $9, TNT, sheer mint top: $6, Bezalel market Tel Aviv, gold-toed flats: $12, Gali, long knit cardigan: $12, Primark.
Vera upgraded the look with lots of gold jewelry by Ariversa.

IMG_73581 IMG_73561 IMG_73531 IMG_73601 IMG_73461

IMG_72551 IMG_72561 IMG_72631 IMG_72761 IMG_72852 IMG_73031 IMG_73041 IMG_73061 IMG_73001

Rony’s outfit:

Romper: $15, Vest: from grandma’s closet, hat: $9, flea market in Quito, Ecuador, Sunglasses: $5, Camden market, London England, leopard print booties: $25, Forever 21, bangles: 1$ each, Jaffa flea market.

IMG_73422 IMG_73361 IMG_73402 IMG_73341 IMG_72291 IMG_72472 IMG_72481 IMG_72501 IMG_72511 IMG_72521 IMG_72952 IMG_72941 IMG_73183 IMG_73233


When looking for your next knockout outfit don’t be bashful and dare to browse even thrift shops and flea markets. Once you wear the look right and upgrade it with lots of fabulous accessories, no one will be able to guess how much it cost!

Photos taken at Lev Ha’ir Quarter, Tel Aviv.
IMG_72362 IMG_72391 IMG_72411 IMG_72241 IMG_72331

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V & R

We truly hope that spring has arrived to your home town because it surely hit ours!

The lovely warm weather and all the flowers that are blooming right now make us crave flowy dresses, hats and of course our favorite accessory- vests. So of course we decided to go boho chic on this post and show you how the look can be achieved.

Rony wore an  A-lined collar navy and white checkered dress. The layers of the dress along with the striped brownish gray vest looked fabulous on Rony and really flattered her shape. She wore nomad-like suede flat booties and a men’s straw panama hat. Sometimes it’s fun to steal from the boys, masculine accessories give feminine dresses a cool twist.

I wore a long floral dress sewn by none other than my mother and moi! The short puffy sleeves of the dress flatter my arms and the high waisted shape combined with the long length would give anyone a beautifully long silhouette. My strappy camel wedges probably helped with the long silhouette 🙂 But flats will look fabulous as well!

Oh the bohemian life… flowy dresses, cool jewelry, awesome music and art and a chilled lifestyle.. sound good? Sounds amazing to us!

So take a walk on the beach, enjoy the sand and the breeze and the sun! But don’t forget to stop for some refreshments in the hot weather!

Photos taken at Herzlia beach

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❤ Rony & Vera

We may call ourselves “fashionistas” but that doesn’t mean we like to take ourselves too seriously. We love fooling around and even acting immature sometimes; age is but a number!

Since we were pretty much style obsessed as soon as we came out the womb, for this photoshoot we decided to revisit our little girl selves. The wooden playground we visited happens to also be an absolutely gorgeous backdrop for our fabulous outfits.

A true girl’s girl, Vera always loved tutus and lots of pink. The pink tutu miniskirt she wore here is cute and girly, but also has romantic and antique qualities. With it she wore a knit net blouse over a button down shirt. She put her hair up in little buns just as she did when she was little. To complete the look she wore a pearl and flowers necklace and black and cream patent flats.

The print knit vest I wore looks exactly like the one I had in preschool, fashion does repeat itself! I wore the vest over a striped button down shirt with peach shorts and leopard print booties. I completed the look with a large pastel stones drop necklace, big rings and of course my oversized bow hair tie.

A styling tip we borrowed from our kid selves is wearing lots of pastels. They don’t even have to “match”, but lots of light candy colors are eye catching and flattering, and totally right for summer.

An interesting way of layering clothes is wearing long over short, like Vera did with her cropped vest over a long button down shirt over her short skirt. This creates beautiful volume in the outfit and makes it unexpected.

So when life gets a little too serious, we recommend making a play date with your friends and having lots of childish fun! We played so nice we even got a lollipop treat!

Photos taken at Ranana Park

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xoxo Vera & Rony

Hello fellow tights lovers!

This time we decided to show you that not only do we know how to dress but we’re also super creative and talented! 😛

During the last semester we had a two week workshop in cooperation with HaAretz daily newspaper in which we had to create and design with recycled newspaper. Rony and her partner designed this amazing light fixture made out of folded newspaper, they called it “Page 22” because they used only this page in their work (Duhh)!

My partner and I made a coffee table in the shape of an exclamation mark: the table has two parts, one is made of paper mache and the other is cartboard covered with articles from the newspaper that have anything to do with the sociocultural evolution happening in Israel… both of our works were valued at 3500 NIS, the highest priced projects on display at the exhibit!!

Here are some photos showing our work process and some pics from the La grand opening event!

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Rony & Vera

For a close friend’s wedding, we both opted for Little Black Dresses, the classic that can do no wrong. We each put our own twist and personality into the look:

Vera wore a little black jacket with gold buttons and gold jewelery designed by a very talented jewelery designer, her dad (!!!!) all paired with almost nude tights and patent heels. And of course her LBD, strapless with sequins.

I wore a lacy backless dress with layered necklaces, huge cocktail rings, and black high heeled oxfords.

Guest starring in this post is our friend Piter who was very dapper in his all gray outfit.

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