Fifty Shades of Pink

As Aerosmith sings, “Pink it’s my new obsession”. Well we’ve actually been obsessed with pink for as long as we can remember; since we were babies our mothers have been dressing us in the color of all things girly, and it has followed us into our adult lives.


We decided to go full on Legally Blonde style on this one and indulge in all Pink everything!


Vera wore a knit cardigan over a one shoulder frilly dress with canvas flats and layered silver jewelry.
IMG_26041 IMG_26082 IMG_26102 IMG_26311

IMG_25111 IMG_24991 IMG_25041 IMG_25062IMG_25081 IMG_25171

Rony wore a patterned knit cardigan over a cowl neck dress with patent high heeled pumps and an oversized stones necklace.

IMG_26141 IMG_26232 IMG_26242 IMG_26301 IMG_25211

IMG_24781 IMG_25201 IMG_25282 IMG_25292 IMG_25322

We like to have a good cardigan wherever we go in this transitional weather.


Mix things up by adding another bright color nail polish, like Rony’s light blue.


Photos taken at Poleg Beach boardwalk.

IMG_25381 IMG_25352 IMG_25512 IMG_25552 IMG_25562 IMG_25591 IMG_25603

IMG_25441 IMG_25451
IMG_25881 IMG_25931

IMG_25771 IMG_25801 IMG_24871 IMG_24962

What’s your favorite color? Share your outfits on our facebook page!
V & R

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    • thank you lovely! we are obsessed with your latest post by the way, perfect print mixing!!

  1. You girls look great! Pink is my absolute favorite color! And you girls are rockin’ it! Love the different shades and REALLY love that off the shoulder dress!

    xo, Kenya

    • we loooove pink too, it’s such a fun and girly color!
      thank you so much love, have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Donald said:

    I absolutely love the color pink. It looks very feminine but not at the same time (if that makes any sense). Besides pink, my favorite color is azure, it is the perfect shade of blue imo.

    • oooo we love azure, it always reminds us of luxe tropical getaways!
      thank you so much love, have a fab weekend!

      • Donald said:

        Yes! It does! Have a fab weekend too xoxo

  3. Another stunning post to make me see “La Vie en rose” ! Yesterday, I saw an interview of Karl Lagerfeld, who said that pink particularly embellished women (then he added “we are not here to make the world an uglier place”, FYI his favorite shade of pink is the one that Marie Laurencin used in her paintings). My favorite color is purple, which isn’t far away from lovely pink, even if I tend to wear all-black clothes. You’ve cited Aerosmith, so I’ll cite the Psychedelic Furs : “Pretty in Pink, isn’t she ? Pretty in Pink, isn’t she ?” (of course, I have to double the chorus, as they do, for each one of you) ! XOXO

    • well if Karl says so, it must be true 😉
      we love that you’ve mentioned Marie Laurencin’s paintings, they are so beautifully colorful and soft, they’re a great fashion inspiration!
      Thank you so much, our fabulous fashionista, wishing you a wonderful weekend!

      • p.s. La Vie en Rose would’ve been a perfect title for this post! should’ve thought of that 😉

  4. Abbi said:

    Such pretty dresses! I love yellow and blue. I have to be a little careful about what shades of yellow I wear though because I have a yellow skin undertone and can be a bit much.

    • we love yellow and blue as well, and absolutely agree about yellow. we’re always cautious about wearing it in the colder months when we’re more pale. blue is a very flattering color though!
      have a great weekend lovely!

  5. vivian said:

    I absolutely love those pink dresses, my pretty ladies! They’re so chic yet feminine! Thumbs up! 😉 xo

    • thank you gorgeous!!
      have a beautiful weekend!

    • it’s our pleasure, we love your blog!
      thanks for visiting love!

  6. Pink is definitely a favorite color of mine. Love the different shades you have on…there is no such thing as too much pink!

    • we totally agree! thanks for visiting, have a great weekend!

    • thank you Sara, it was so nice seeing you the other day 🙂
      have a great weekend!

  7. Gaia said:

    The colos looks great on you!:)

    • we happen to think you could pull off anything with your gorgeous sense of style!
      thanks love, have a great weekend!

  8. alimackin2013 said:

    LOVE the contrasting shades of pink! And love you guys styled this shoot.Good job!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  9. Amria said:

    Ah you look adorable in pink! And I love listening to that Aerosmith song, it just puts me in a good mood 😀 I love the combo between your shoes and the dress, Rony, I would never thought to wear those two colours together but now I am searching for something similar in my wardrobe so I can wear them! And Vera’s asymetric dress is lovely ❤ I haven't worn this style in a while, but I always find it chic and interesting. Thanks for the inspiration girls, the weather looks lovely, xx

    • we also love the asymmetric cut and one shoulder dresses and tops, we find them very flattering. we’re so glad you liked it love, thanks for visiting!
      have a wonderful weekend xoxo

  10. Pretty in pink!! This is a great post idea. Besides anything with polka dots, pink is our favorite wearable color, as well, especially for the summer weather. Your dresses are the most beautiful shades of pink and show just the right amount of skin. The necklaces (and those coral shoes!!) are the perfect accessories. xoxo N&N

    • thank you so much our lovely fashionistas, wishing you both an amazing weekend!!

  11. While I am a fan of pink, I am in love with your choice of location for this photo. Gorgeous!

    • the sea is always such a photogenic backdrop for fashion shoots.
      thanks for visiting love, have a great weekend!

    • thank you gorgeous!
      have a fabulous weekend!

  12. You both look so lovely, pink was definitely made for you 🙂

    See you girls xx

  13. Sandra said:


  14. mdany70 said:

    It’s beautiful pink dreses.I love it.

    • thank you lovely!
      hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  15. MAYOUME™ said:

    Very positive obsession;-)Both of you look so sweet!

  16. Colour is fantastic to always make you feel good and the lovely pink is one of those great colours.

    • we totally agree, pink is definitely a feel good color!
      thanks for visiting love!

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