Too Cool for School (but not for the Office)

The big question on everyone’s lips is how to look fashionable and trendy at the office while staying office-appropriate.
We put together some of our favorite office-cool outfits with our must-have staple item: A patterned button-down.


Rony wore a patterned button-down shirt with a tweed skirt, green patent bag, red patent mary janes, and a multicolored statement necklace.

IMG_27411 IMG_27451 IMG_27531
The secret to successfully mixing prints is all about the colors: Mix prints with similar shades of a certain color or with complimentary colors. This will allow the prints to go well together and not clash.


Vera wore a sheer snakeskin print button down shirt over a tank top with a high waisted skater skirt, thin studded belt, patent leather moccasins, patent leather bag, and sheer tights.

IMG_27631 IMG_27661 IMG_27701

If you wear a sheer top to the office make sure to wear it with a top underneath; you want people to be talking to your face, not your bra.


The bold print of Vera’s top is best worn with classy solid pieces on the bottom so as not to look too flashy.

The accessories are where you can get really creative, mix colors and add bold pieces.

IMG_27571 IMG_27751

Our suggestion is to wear comfortable shoes and not go crazy with the heels; you don’t want to be limping by the end of the work day!

IMG_27821 IMG_27801

More cool office appropriate styles here and here.

IMG_26391 IMG_26451 IMG_26531 IMG_26591 IMG_26631 IMG_26651 IMG_26701 IMG_26711 IMG_27251 IMG_27301 IMG_27381 IMG_26761 IMG_26781 IMG_26861 IMG_26951 IMG_26971 IMG_26981 IMG_27041 IMG_27091 IMG_27151 IMG_27171 IMG_27181
Wishing you all a successful rest of the week at the office, share your favorite work outfits on our facebook page!

IMG_26411 IMG_26421

V & R

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  1. dievca said:

    Lovely Ladies. I have to lean towards Vera’s outfit this time — it’s a bit more me. Rony is amazing with her pattern mix, I just cannot carry it. XO

    • thank you so much love, have a wonderful week!

  2. I love these looks! I like Rony’s bag, and Vera’s shirt is pretty 😀

    • thank you Diana, it’s always so nice to hear your amazing feedback!
      have a great week!

  3. ivana said:

    office friendly and very stylish! You have proposed fabulous looks!

  4. Abbi said:

    I was talking about work wear in my blog too today. I love both outfits!

    • ooooh how fab, we’ll check it out! thanks so much love!

  5. You both look trendy, chic, polished and very office friendly without being dressed in ‘boring’ office attire. Fabulous post!

    • thank you so much Ms. Fabulous!!
      have a great week!

  6. Cute, cute, cute! Great looks for the office but chic enough to wear out and about too! I love that location too btw…such a cool place for a shoot! xx…Cortneybre..

    • thank you lovely, we’re so glad you liked it! we love this location too, we shot a few posts here!

    • exactly, it’s so important to wear a practical, yet equally chic outfit 🙂
      thank you our fabulous friend!

  7. You always mix prints so perfectly! Love both of these looks and need both tops!

    xx Cara

  8. Amria said:

    Yes! Nothing worse than having a major foot pain because you had to run around all day in heels. Love your outfits, girls 😀

    • haha thank you so much lovely, so glad you liked it!

  9. Your fabulously tremendous post shows that you can look dead serious, drop dead gorgeous and extremely glamorous at the same time + the text exudes so much clever humour ! Have a marvellous weekend ! XOXO

    • thank you so much our fabulous friend!!
      wishing you a very fashionable week (and knowing you, we’re sure it will be!)

  10. I have no idea what you guys do, but I’m guessing you are both in creative jobs as I see a lovely mix of prints and statement accessories!

    • lol that would be correct, we are both architects 🙂
      thanks for visiting lovely!

  11. LOVE these work looks!! They are both the perfect mix of fun and serious that is needed for most offices 🙂 I love it!! Thanks for sharing this take on work looks- I always need more inspiration!

    • it is always our pleasure, and we love reading your amazing feedback, so thank you!!
      have a wonderful sunday!

  12. Both looks are amazing, love the prints mix in the first one!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog 🙂

    See you girls xx

    • it was our pleasure, we love your style!
      thanks for visiting!

    • aww thank you, you are the sweetest!!
      thanks for visiting beauty!

    • thank love! have a great rest of the weekend!

    • thank you so much Terry, sorry for the delayed response, we really appreciate this!
      have a wonderful sunday!

  13. Looking fabulous in these super versatile and transitional outfits and, of course, we’re drooling over your gorgeous accessories! Loving all your great advice and thumbs up to mixing prints so perfectly!

    XOXO N & N

    • thank you fabulous N & N!! we hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  14. Donald said:

    Haha, love the title! These are two chic office looks that are appropriate and can be worn after work also. Great looks!

    • thank love, hope you had a great weekend!

      • Donald said:

        You’re welcome! I did!! 🙂

  15. Gaia said:

    lovely! i love the black skirt and the bags ❤


    • aww thank you so much love! hope you had a great one!

  16. vivian said:

    Love the print on print outfits! I think they’re also suitable for in the office 😉 Love it babes! xo

    • thank you babe 🙂
      have a wonderful weekend!!

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