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This photo shoot took place in Caesaria, a city with heritage that dates back to the Roman Empire, with an archeological site and ruins to prove it. With its gorgeous Mediterranean beaches, elegant restaurants, mix of tourists, locals and fishermen and beautiful traditional architecture, this city is a mix of old and new, raw and chic.
What could be better suited to this laid back, yet chic attitude than lace?


Vera wore a hand-knitted lace dress over a tank top and denim shorts. She accessorized with golden toed flats, vintage cream bag, and a gold chain necklace.

IMG_24611 IMG_24641 IMG_24661 IMG_24681 IMG_24711 IMG_24701 IMG_24731 IMG_24103

IMG_24311 IMG_24321 IMG_24341 IMG_24351 IMG_24371 IMG_24381
Rony wore a puffy sleeved olive green lace dress over a green strappy dress. She accessorized with high heeled sandals, wicker clutch she got at a fashion event, layered gold and turquoise necklaces and a print scarf she tied in her ponytail.

IMG_24501 IMG_24513 IMG_24531 IMG_24542 IMG_24551 IMG_24571 IMG_24751



IMG_24032 IMG_24401 IMG_24411 IMG_24441

These dresses are very versatile, they can be sexy, office-appropriate, perfect for down time, and very comfortable, all depending on what they are layered with and how they are styled.

IMG_23872 IMG_23952
Vera layered her knit dress over understated items for a cool casual look. Her dress could also be worn over a bikini for a very luxe beach look.


Rony accessorized her dress with lots of gold and metallic touches for a cool evening look and added the scarf hair accessory for an extra boost of glam.


IMG_24271 Photos taken at Caesaria Port.


IMG_23741 IMG_23751 IMG_23771 IMG_23791

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!

V & R

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  1. Oh, as always you guys look so wonderful!

    • thank you so much! and if you ever do come visit, Caesaria is a place we would highly recommend visiting 🙂

    • haha thank you Lindsay 🙂
      have a great week!

  2. dievca said:

    Love both options, Ladies! Coloring wise — the green is better for me. You have to work with your skin color for the beige — Rony did it well. XO

    • very true, the beige looks better on more tanned skin. In colder months we would probably both go for a darker green.
      so glad you liked it, thanks for visiting love!

  3. I do love lace. Both outfits show versatility of this feminine material. I especially love Vera’s overlay piece, sexy casual all in one! Looking gorgeous ladies! 😘

    • if anyone knows how to do sexy+casual+chic style it’s you, Elaine!!
      thank you so much, so glad you liked it!!

  4. evelenmargaret said:

    Lace is my fave always! Stunning , everything , you! , the place, the sea! Have a gorgeous weekend!

    • we can relate, we always love the soft yet sexy effect of a good lace piece.
      thank you so much, hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great week ahead!

  5. You have so gorgeously played with the transparency of the colored lace (and what a sexy title with that Linda Lovelace reference !). The location is beyond magnificent, you look more than sensational : what a killer post ! I wish you a killer weekend ! ❤

    • we sometimes put more thought into the titles of our posts than even the locations, so we’re so glad someone appreciates them lol! thank you so much, we are so so happy you liked the post!!
      have a wonderful week ahead! xoxo

    • thank you so much Leah!! Caesaria’s beaches are definitely very beautiful and photogenic 🙂

  6. These shots are gorgeous!! I honestly can’t decide which dress I like more – you are both stunning! The backdrop of the archeological ruins is so interesting (archeology has always been an interest of mine)and I keep peering at all of the shots looking at the neat details and imaginining Roman fleets coming to dock. Excellent post ladies! xx.. Cortneybre…

    • thank you so much Cortney, we’re so glad you liked it!!
      have a fab rest of the week!

  7. You both look great. I have a cobalt blue lace dress that is surprisingly flattering 🙂

    • ooooh cobalt blue lace sounds gorgeous!
      Thanks for visiting!

      • My privilege! Beautiful week end to you 🙂

  8. Love how you showed the versatility of lace…
    fantastic location!!~ xo

  9. Lovely outfits, I love lace it is so romantic and so appropriate for Caesaria. I haven’t been there for a while, thanks for reminding me… Sara

    • Caesaria is beautiful as ever, you should definitely go sometime.
      thanks for visiting, Sara!!

  10. I love the different takes on these dresses, ladies! And I’m loving that scarf in your hair, Rony.

    • thank you so much, so glad you liked it!!

  11. I LOVE these looks! You both styled that lace dress beautifully~! And I really love the head scarf! You two are just so fabulous!!

    • thank you so much Ms.Fabulous!!
      have a great rest of the week!!

  12. Perfect setting for two super sexy and chic mermaids, rocking fabulous lace dresses by the beautiful ocean on a gorgeous sunny day! Absolutely stunning lace perfection. Love both your takes on this trend (and can’t believe Vera had a baby only a few mere months agooo … WOW! and we’re absolutely in loooove with your head scarf idea Rony). Have a fabulous week lovelies!

    XOXO N & N

    • thank you so much fabulous N & N, we’re so happy you liked it!!
      have a wonderful rest of the week!

    • awww thank you so much, that is so sweet!! we’re so glad you liked it!

    • the wind was definitely a wonderful addition to amplify our photos 🙂
      thank you so much!!

  13. vogueandheels said:

    Such a beautiful location! You ladies look wonderful as always. Love both dresses and the lace detailing.


    • thank you so much Cissy, that is a huge compliment because we find your blog so inspirational!!

    • thank you so much love, so happy you liked it!!

  14. Your looks go perfectly with the gorgeous backdrop! I am loving the lace in unexpected colors!

    xx Cara

  15. Beautiful in lace! This green color is so nice! xxx

    • we’re obsessed with green at the moment! thank you so much love!

  16. Great photographs and I liked the background. It reminded me so much of Antalya in Turkey, also on the Mediterranean coast. Those sea shots were so Deja Vue-ish!


    • very true, Israel and Turkey do have similar beautiful Mediterranean beaches.
      thank you so much, Shakti!

    • thank you so much! checking out your blog now 🙂

  17. Oxana said:

    Amazing dresses, girls you look fab! I really love it!

  18. The dresses are gorgeous! I love your Outfits ans your blog! 🙂

  19. The city sound amazing and both your styles are were wells suited for it!

    • thank you so much lovely ladies, have a wonderful week!

  20. Beautiful, I really love both outfits!

    -Morgan Etoile

  21. vivian said:

    Beautiful, well done!! And the view is absolutely stunning 😀 xo

    • thank you so much beauty! have a great weekend!

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