Independence Day

Tomorrow Israel celebrates its 66th Independence Day, and we of course celebrate in style.

IMG_73011This year, as in every Independence Day celebration, we like to dress in blue and white, the colors of the Israeli flag. Not only is this a sign of our patriotism and love for our country, but also happen to be classy colors you can’t go wrong with!

Here’s what we’re wearing this holiday:

Rony is wearing a blue dress with white espadrilles, white cuffs and white earrings.


Vera is wearing a black and blue patterned frock with strappy wedges and an oversized silver necklace.


Happy 66th, Israel and happy celebrations to Israelis around the world!
V & R

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  1. Happy Independence Day! You both look wonderful.

  2. I have written about Israel’s independence day few times. Israeal forward ,the Arabs backwards.JMS

    • thanks for visiting JMS, have a lovely thursday!

  3. Happy Independence Day! And lovely blue dresses 🙂 Of course you’re celebrating in style, because you two are fab!

    • look who’s talking, you’re fabulous!
      thanks for visiting love!
      by the way, we haven’t been able to post comments on some of your latest posts for some reason :/ we loved the styling though!!

    • thank you much!!! we’ll check it out now.
      have a lovely thursday doll!

      • ❤ sure 🙂 you too have a nice day

  4. LOVE the blue – it looks fabulous on both of you, and is the perfect color for Independence Day!
    Enjoy the holiday!!!!

  5. Ces 2 robe bleu sont superbes en + le bleu est aussi sur le drapeau d’Israel l’ étoile de DAVID brille sur votre superbe drapeau Que Dieu vous bénisses et qu’il bénisses ISRAEL pendant ces fêtes de l’indépendance Ma prière pour vous et pour ISRAEL C’EST QUE DIEU VOUS BENISSES ET BENISSES ISRAEL PENDANT CHAQUE SECONDE QUI PASSE ET JUSQU’A SONT RETOUR SOYEZ RICHEMENT BENIES VOUS ET VOTRE PEUPLE ET BONNE FETE GLOIRE A DIEU

  6. Happy Independence Day to Israel! You ladies are really celebrating in style. I love the blue you both are wearing and Rony’s fit and flare dress! Xo

  7. You both look gloriously sensational ! May you and Israel have a glorious 66th Independence Day ! ❤

    • thank you so much you fashion diva!
      have a lovely weekend!

    • hahah shalom!!
      thanks love have a great weekend!

  8. vogueandheels said:

    Happy independence day! You ladies look wonderful with the blue dresses. Definitely celebrating in style.


    • thank you gorgeous! have a great weekend!

  9. חג עצמאות שמח… השמלות שלכן ממש יפות
    מקווה שהיה לכם ממש כייף בחג

    • תודה בובה!
      היה לנו ממש כיף, מקוות שגם לך!

    • thank you beauties!!
      have a fabulous weekend!

  10. Happy Independence Day! You both look stunning in blue!

    xx Cara

  11. You ladies always celebrate in style so it is no wonder that pairing blues with the classic black and white are the perfect colors for this grandiouse celebration, and your stylish dresses and wedges are to die for. Cheers and Happy 66th Independence Day!

    XOXO N & N

    • thanks ladies!!! hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!

  12. I can see I am a wee bit late here. Hope you had a great Independence celebration. Wish Israel an empowered future.

    Blue is such a corporate colour. To me blue dresses look out of place in an outside office environment.


    • we believe that every color can be dressed up or down and made more office-ready or more casual.
      thanks for visiting Shakti, have a great week!

  13. Abbi said:

    Beautiful dresses. Such a lovely shade of blue!

    • thank you so much love, have a wonderful week ahead!

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