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In the fickle world of fashion, where trends are constantly changing, we are being told to “keep up” and wear the latest whims of the fashion forecasters and designers. We personally pick and choose which trends we embrace and which ones we ignore. Every once in a while there comes a trend that is so “us” that we don’t want it to ever go out of style! The midi skirt is one of those trends. This mid-length (hence midi) skirt cut is feminine and classy, reminiscent of our favorite Old Hollywood starlets, and is also extremely flattering on almost all shapes and sizes!


Here’s how we styled our midis:


Vera wore a vintage lace overlay pink midi skirt with a striped top, asymmetrical cut blazer, kitten heels, gold necklace and a vintage tote.

Vera offset the retro feminine vibe of the skirt with the ultra modern and cool blazer.

IMG_22731 IMG_22801 IMG_22821 IMG_22861 IMG_22881The vintage tote perfectly complimented Vera’s feminine outfit.

IMG_21931 IMG_21941 IMG_22001 IMG_22071 IMG_22101 IMG_22131

Rony wore an asymmetrical pleated midi skirt with a keyhole blouse, stone studded peep toe heels, head band, and piled on the colorful jewelry.


The great thing about wearing a predominantly white outfit is that it makes a great blank canvas for piles of fabulous accessories.


IMG_22671 IMG_22691 IMG_22701 IMG_22931


IMG_21731 IMG_21761 IMG_21832


These outfits have a “city girls Blair and Serena go to the Hamptons” look. That’s Gossip Girl, for those of you who aren’t as obsessed with the show’s styling as we are! The skirts are perfect for the office but also perfect for leisure.


IMG_22282 IMG_22303 IMG_22351 IMG_22362 IMG_22371 IMG_22381 IMG_22471 IMG_22501 IMG_22511

The most fun thing about these skirts? they’ll make you feel like breaking out into dance in the middle of the street! So go ahead, do a little twirl!

IMG_22522 IMG_22541

Photos taken at Herzlia Marina.

IMG_22021 IMG_7276 IMG_21661
More of our favorite Midis here. What are your favorite skirts? Share them on our facebook page!
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  1. marcyjb said:

    Very cute ladies! I also love the location. xoxo

  2. ivana said:

    I love midi skirts! I’ve been wearing them for a while and now I mostly wear them to work. Basically all of the midi skirts I own used to belong to my mum and I like the fact they’re all vintage.
    You gals look fantastic, wonderful spring outfit, so romantic! I hope the weather there in Israel is better than here, we have had so much rain lately, it’s really unusual for this time of year.

    • we also have a bunch of fabulous midis we “borrowed” from our moms, they have such a beautiful vintage look!
      thank you so much love! we hope the weather gets better for you soon 🙂
      have a great weekend xoxo

    • we are holding on tight 🙂 thank you so much love, have a great weekend!

  3. I love your spin on fashion especially the midi skirt. Never conform to what others call fashionable it’s not about fashion it’s about style and you have style girls!

    • thank you so much! we absolutely agree, it’s all about putting your own personal style and creativity on the outfit.
      have a great weekend xoxo

  4. I love this retro theme and I don’t think either of you could have picked a more perfect outfit! They are both completely different but both have a great theme!!

    • thank you so much lovely!
      have a great weekend xoxo

    • thank you so much love, you’re too sweet!!
      have a great weekend! xoxo

    • we’re obsessed with Gossip Girl, so sad the show is over 😦
      thank you so much, have a great weekend!

  5. There are two styles of skirt I can’t live without – my pencil skirt and my midi. And you girls styled yours perfectly from head to toe! Both outfits are so feminine and classy. The photos are gorgeous – they are making me dream of summer..aahhh!
    xoxo Natasha

    • we agree, midis and pencil skirts are absolute musts in every closet. Summer is coming soon, so exciting!!
      thank you so much love, have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

    • thank you gorgeous!!
      have a fabulous weekend xoxo

    • thank you so much doll, you are the queen of cool!!

  6. When I admired the 1st image of your fanstastically stylish post, I’ve thought : “Wow, they look like gorgeous movie stars at the Cannes Film Festival” ! Then, you mentioned later the “Blair and Serena go to the Hamptons” feel (I miss “Gossip Girl” so much !), and it was such a perfect description of your glamorous outfits (and incredible location) ! No wonder you get so many likes and comments : your excellent posts truly stand out ! Stay beautiful ! XOXO

    • oh we miss Gossip Girl too, what an amazingly styled show!!
      thank you so much much lovely, these compliments truly mean the world to us, especially coming from you!
      have a fabulous weekend!

  7. Le look no 1 est superbe la jupe est magnifique le t-shirt est hyper beau les chaussures sont hyper jolie c’est un look de classe et très élégants le look n02 est hyper magnifique la jupe est superbe la blouse est hyper belle le headband est très jolie et donne un côté hypie à ce magnifique look les escarpins sont sublimes toute les photos sont sublimes

    • merci beaucoup Renato!! Nous sommes heureux que tu as l’aime!

  8. Abbi said:

    I love both skirts!

  9. When it comes to styling, there’s so much one can do with the classic length, midi skirt…
    fabulous ‘girl-meets-boy’ vibe from Vera’s styling…
    and ‘modern bohemian’ feel from Roxy!!~ xo
    Herzlia Marina was a great pick too—love!

    • we agree, this skirt is so versatile and so classy- a must in every closet!
      thanks for visiting love! have a fab rest of the week!

  10. The midi skirt really complement you ladies quite nicely! I love the pink lace and the painterly pleated designs you are wearing, so colorful and appropriate for Spring…can’t see this skirt going out of style! Xo Elaine

    • thank you so much lovely! have a wonderful rest of the week!

    • haha we aim to please 😉
      glad you enjoyed it love! xoxo

  11. I love both of these on you girls!! You look great! Modern take on a vintage inspiration! Love it!

    xo, Kenya

    • we love mixing modern and vintage, and we’re thrilled you liked our ideas!
      thanks for visiting love!

  12. These retro looks… absolutely fabulous! Love the color heels! xxx

  13. I love these looks, both gorgeous outfits! Another awesome post, I’m inspired xxx

    • oh thank you so much, that is so sweet!!
      have a fabulous rest of the week!

  14. I love both your midi skirts, both looking great. Sorry I have not been around for a while as it was difficult getting internet connection in India. Great to be back…. Sara

    • oh wow, we can’t wait to see your posts on India, we’re so jealous!!
      thanks Sara, great to have you back 🙂

    • thank you lovely!
      have a fabulous thursday!

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