Weekend Warriors

Being the busy, hard working girls we are, we appreciate every second of leisure that we get. Weekends are almost a holy practice to us; we like to take advantage of our weekends by spending time with our loved ones, stocking up on inspiration in museums and exhibits and in the theater, and traveling in Israel and abroad.
As you know, we don’t like to ever compromise our style, but that doesn’t mean we have to compromise our comfort. So what does weekend wear mean for us, you ask?


Vera wore a flannel shirt with a high waisted peach puffy skirt, knit cardigan, patterned tights, cowboy boots, and ray ban glasses.

IMG_18301 IMG_18321 IMG_18341 IMG_18351 IMG_18241 IMG_17612 IMG_17561 IMG_17621 IMG_17641 IMG_17701 IMG_17731

IMG_17481 IMG_17721

What’s better weekend wear than flannel? make it more stylish by mixing colors and put it together with more feminine pieces, like Vera’s puffy skirt.


Rony wore a burgundy sweater over a green dress with a patterned scarf, patterned tights, knee-high boots, and a men’s fedora.

IMG_18171 IMG_18192



IMG_18082IMG_17361 IMG_17391 IMG_17411 IMG_17761 IMG_17771

IMG_17791 IMG_17781 IMG_17841 IMG_17851

No one said that travel wear has to be boring, make it interesting by mixing vibrant colors and patterns in your clothes and accessories.


Every outfit has a story: The flannel shirt Vera is wearing is actually a men’s shirt. Vera got her boots on sale in Eilat, a tourist favorite.


Rony’s tights are from a cool boutique in Jaffa’s flea market, one of our favorite weekend destinations. Her hat is a traditional fedora she got in Ecuador.


Layering is always a great tip for travel, the layers allow you to be prepared for any weather and any activity.


The most important item, however, are the shoes. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes so that you can really enjoy your weekend excursions.


Photos taken at Poleg beach.


Traveling in Israel? Here are some of our favorite destinations and travel recommendations:
Beautiful Rosh Hanikra, Acre, Alexander River, Golan Heights, Ramon Crater in the desert.

If you’re exploring Tel Aviv, here are some must-visit destinations:
White City sculpture garden seen here and here, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (also seen here), Florentine neighborhood for its beautiful street art, Lev Hair Quarter and Chelouche Gallery for beautiful architecture and contemporary art, Litvak Gallery for unique glass art and installations by international artists, Holon Design Museum seen here and here (about 20 minutes outside the city and definitely worth a visit), and of course the beautiful Mediterranean shore.

If you’re here before June 2014, check out this must see street art exhibit. If it’s shopping you’re after, check out Kikar Hamedina.

Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone!
V & R

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  1. Abbi said:

    Great outfits. Casual but also stylish. Particularly love Vera’s shirt.

    • thanks so much love! hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  2. Lovely weekend outfits when you just wish to relax. VeraΒ΄s peach skirt is gorgeous, so are RonyΒ΄s sweater and hat. Golan Heights, that is a place IΒ΄d like to visit one day πŸ™‚ http://kjandersen.org/

  3. Totally agree with you in the comfort and style needs! You both look great. I really like that shirt and the hat x d

    • thank you so much lovely!!
      have a fabulous international women’s day!

  4. I love the jewel tone pairing here!! And the photos look so cool! Total weekend warriors!

    • thank you so much love!
      have a wonderful international women’s day!

  5. Love your looks, girls! Vera – the flannel shirt is fab and Rony- those tights are so cool! Great job with your pairings!


    • thank you so much Mary!!
      Have a wonderful international women’s day!

    • so do we, they are comfortable and chic!!
      thanks for visiting!!

  6. Totally agree, layering is always a great tip for travel…
    and a great way to keep any outfit interesting…
    love all your wonderful layers~ xo

    • thank you so much! have a wonderful week!

  7. Girls, I love your eye – you find the beauty in the most raw, unexpected settings – and then you add these outfits that just jump out. Love.

    • thank you, so glad you liked it!!
      have a great week! xoxo

  8. Wonderful outfits ladies! I agree travel and weekend wear can be comfortable and stylish. I love how you both rock the mini skirts with tights, so cute and comfy. Your recap of sites in Israel brings back memories of my first trip there a couple of years ago…I need to come back for a visit! Xo

    • yes, you do need to come back! and if you do, you have to let us know!
      thanks for visiting!

  9. varityd said:

    Your mix of travel and style is everything! I have big ambitions to travel myself, I love to see you babes making traveling stylish. I love Vera’s peach skirt, Gorgeous color! Rony’s tight and boots are perfect! Really great post.
    I’ll definitely be coming back. πŸ™‚


    • thanks so much Varity, we’re so happy you enjoyed the post!
      have a great week!

    • thanks so much love! we’ll be sure to check out your blog as well πŸ™‚

  10. Sounds like you guys have the right balance between work and play! I myself am trying to step up my cultural activities during the wkends…

    • we have to keep the balance right, it helps keep the inspiration going during the week, you know?
      thanks for visiting, have a great week!

  11. Even on weekends, you’re super-stylish, bravo for this ! I particularly like how you’ve accessorized your outfits with these marvelous tights and comfy yet super-cool shoes ! As always, the location of your fab shoot is really nice ! Stay stylishly gorgeous ! XOXO

    • thanks so much! and you stay stylishly inspirational, we’ll be looking to your blog for amazing styling ideas!
      have a great week!

  12. shmonica said:

    love the coral skirt!

    • thank you! it is as comfortable as it is chic!

  13. Love both of your outfits together mixed with the boots and your stockings rocks !

    • aww thanks love!
      have a wonderful week!

      • Have a splendid week also to both of you and much sun πŸ™‚ !

  14. You both look stunning, I adore the warm colors. I love that you guys effortlessly layer pieces I would have never thought to put together to create outfits that are simply art. Not to mention the photographs are simply amazing! That 3rd to the last photo looks like it could be a magazine color. Thanks for another amazing post!

    x Jade


    • wow thank you so much Jade!! We really appreciate it!
      Going over to your blog now πŸ™‚
      Have a great week!

    • thanks Borka! Kisses back from Tel Aviv πŸ™‚

    • thanks so much Miri!! We love forest green too, it’s a beautiful color for all seasons!
      Thanks for visiting πŸ™‚

  15. Wish the weekends were longer …. more time to wear more casual stylish clothes ..

    • oh man, we wish that too! The weekend just passes by so quickly, doesn’t it?!
      Thanks for visiting!

  16. Amria said:

    You are wearing my favourite colour burgundyyyyyyyyy ❀ You look really comfy and ready to explore, I agree, the shoes must be chosen carefully as they are the most important part. You won't have a good time if your feet are hurting! Happy Women's Day girls, xo

    • aww thanks love, hope you had a fabulous Women’s Day!!
      burgundy is definitely such a rich and beautiful color. thanks for visiting!

  17. We’ve learned to always expect the unexpected form the two of you … and you deliver every time!!! Fabulous way to rock funky stockings and boots, and we love your weekend stylish and comfy outfits with a few touches borrowed from the boys. Perfection! XOXO N & N

    • aww thanks so much N&N, that is the most amazing compliment!
      We love borrowing (or stealing) from the boys πŸ˜‰
      have a wonderful week!

    • thank you so much! we love wearing the nerdiest and biggest glasses πŸ™‚

  18. These laid-back outfits look stylish and comfy! xoxo

    • thanks doll, stylish and comfy is our favorite combination!!

    • unfortunately we don’t have a Bloglovin account 😦
      but will be sure to visit your website!!

  19. Ashley said:

    I agree- I need the weekend to unwind after a hard week’s work! πŸ™‚
    You both look relaxed but polished. πŸ™‚ Lovely!


  20. Very cool outfits) But first girl I prefer more. Very cozy!

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