Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around. Love is in the air, every sight and every sound.


We know it’s so cliché to wear red on Valentine’s Day, but it is the holiday of everything red: hearts, blushing, etc.

To give Red a bit of a twist of our own we decided to dress it up with denim, leather, lots of spikes, and a bit of a funky punky flair. Because you know, sometimes love hurts but it’s definitely worth all that trouble.

IMG_15081 IMG_15051

For a cool Valentine’s date at a concert, a stroll through the park or dinner and a movie, Vera wore:

Rolling Stones T-Shirt over a layered polka dot dress, studded jean jacket, rhinestones collar necklace and bow-adorned pumps.

IMG_15571 IMG_15591 IMG_15631 IMG_15871
Vera’s outfit says: I’m cool enough to hang with your buddies and still look super chic.

IMG_15021 IMG_14991 IMG_14931 IMG_14971 IMG_15351 IMG_15441 IMG_15481

For a sexy Valentine’s date at a cool wine bar or a night of dancing, Rony wore:


Patterned pink crop top, high waisted vintage puffy skirt with studded belt, studded leather jacket, patterned tights, leather and gold necklace and studded mary janes.


IMG_15741 IMG_15792 IMG_15821

Rony’s outfit says: I’m confident and fun and not afraid to show it.

IMG_14781 IMG_14851 IMG_14891 IMG_14793 IMG_14862 IMG_15221 IMG_15171

IMG_15132 IMG_14771 IMG_15141

***Styling tip*** Always leave room for a bit of spontaneity on the date and wear shoes that you can walk in for more than a few feet!

IMG_14721 IMG_14731

We like to celebrate love every day of the year; we don’t need a special occasion to show the ones we love how much they mean to us. Spread the love you fabulous people!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
V & R

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    • thank you, hope you had a wonderful weekend of love 🙂

    • thanks darling, we’re very happy you visited too 🙂
      jumping over to your blog now 🙂

  1. Happy valentine to you two fashion criminal (You both have been arrested and ask to stop dressing so gorgeous but you just keep getting better day-by-day)

    • hahah we are not sorry for the crimes we have committed!! 😉
      thanks so much love, we hope you had a wonderful valentine’s!

      • Oh! it was all fun cause I had fun by myself alone and it was all along

  2. ivana said:

    You look fabulous girls! Red is always a good choice:)
    Happy Valentine’s day!

    • we totally agree, red is a sexy powerful color!!
      hope you had a wonderful valentine’s!

  3. Vera, I absolutely adore the rock’n’roll feel of your fabulous outfit ! Rony, the studded details of your wonderful look brings a subtle sharpness ! You have chosen to use your hands to spread your “love” message, while I have just used gorgeous legs on my blog for this very unique occasion !!! Stay wild and beautiful ! Have a gorgeous Valentine’s Day ! XOXO

    • thank you so much!! hope you’re having a wonderful, love filled weekend!

  4. Perfect outfits!!They are whatever Valentine;s Day needs!!Loved the red skirts and the pumps!!Kisses!!

    • thank you so much!!
      hope you’re having a wonderful valentine’s weekend!

    • thank you so much dol!!
      hope you enjoyed your valentine’s day!

  5. Perfect Valentine looks, you both look so stylish love it all!

    • thank you so much love!!
      hope you’re having an amazing weekend of love 🙂

  6. Abbi said:

    Love the romance and rock combo. Sexy and tough at the same time!!

  7. Kenny Devine said:

    Nicely done, love the theme, clothes and photos. Happy Valentine’s!

    • thank so much love! Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful weekend!!

    • thank you, hope you had a great one!!

    • thanks love! hope you had a fabulous valentine’s weekend!

    • thanks doll! hope you had a wonderful valentine’s!

  8. Both of your skirts are too, too, good!

    xx Cara

    • skirts can be too good?? lol thanks love!

    • thanks so much!
      we hope you had a wonderful valentine’s!

    • hahah it is indeed so faded! thanks love!

    • thank love! hope you had a wonderful valentine’s!!

    • thank you!!
      hope you had a wonderful valentine’s day!

  9. Happy Valentine’s Day ladies!!! Love the outfits and the music choices. You both rock :)!

    • thanks so much, we’re so glad you liked it!!
      hope you had a wonderful valentine’s weekend!

  10. Rosie said:

    Happy Valentines day!
    Stylish as always! 🙂

  11. Donald said:

    Happy Valentine’s Day ladies! Very stylish as usual, enjoy!

  12. Shannon said:

    Love both looks! The polka dotts with the rolling stone shirt is perfect as well as those tights with that leather jacket! Happy V-Day!

    ❤ Shannon

  13. Love both outfits and mixed all very well together, wonderful photos 🙂 ! Did you have had a lovely Valentine ? !

    • thanks love! we both had a wonderful valentine’s day, hope you did as well!

      • Yes I had it too, thanks and wish you both a wonderful day 🙂 !

    • awww thanks love!!
      so glad you liked it!

  14. asiachic said:

    שילובים ממש יפים ומושלמים ליום האהבה!!!

  15. Such fun ways to give “Red” a bit of a twist…
    enjoy your Valentine’s weekend~

    • thanks love, hope you had a great one!

  16. That polka dot skirt and that crop top – I’m in love!!! Sexy, chic, confident and edgy all wrapped into two awesome Valentine’s looks. Great pictures ladies. XOXO

    • thank you lovelies!! that means alot coming from you sexy ladies!

    • thanks love, we really did!! hope you enjoyed as well:)

  17. Love the polka dot tiered skirt!! Adorable outfit. Hope you guys had a good V day 🙂

    • thank you!!
      we had a wonderful V day, hope you did as well!

    • that is very true. thanks so much love!

    • thanks so much lovely! we had an amazing V Day, hope you did as well!

    • thank you!! we had a wonderful V Day, hope you did as well!

  18. vivian said:

    Cute looks babes! 🙂 Hope you had a lovely V-day! 🙂 xo

    • thanks doll!!!
      we had a wonderful v day, hope you did as well!!

  19. very very cute skirts! love that you both almost look alike too!

    • haha it must be because we spend so much time together! 🙂
      thanks for reading!

    • thank you so much! we had an amazing V day, hope you did too!

  20. Iva said:

    You both look amazing!

  21. girlychristina said:

    You girls are beautiful!!!! ❤

    • thank you so much, we’re so happy you liked it!!
      hope you’re having a lovely sunday!

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