Happy Second Blogaversary to Us!

What We Wear is two years old and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with you, our amazing readers!

On this joyous occasion we decided to share with you some of our favorite outfits from our past year in blogging.


Playing with black and white textures and patterns in Black and White and Patterned IMG_62642

IMG_60953 IMG_61001

Rocking colorful blazers in Blazer Yourselves529791_349228275185829_1601457305_n

Getting color happy in I Scream Colors
IMG_67161 308129_356523724456284_376881064_n IMG_64673

Some rules are meant to be broken. Mixing denims in Jean on JeanIMG_64571 IMG_4698

Ready for combat in G.I. Jane

Artsy at Tel Aviv’s Cinematec in Blue and White and Patriotic all Over644427_364635213645135_328332730_n

Mixing romantic vintage with edgy modern pieces in Modern VintageIMG_69232

Getting inspired by cultures around the world in International Concepts of Style
IMG_69441 IMG_70991

Mixing sportswear with our Ready to Wear in Without Breaking a Sweat165411_378402005601789_2028991266_n6780f5eab71e11e28faf22000a1f99f9_7

Proving that you don’t have to break the bank to look fabulous in Cheap and ChicIMG_73332 IMG_81462

See through blouses and see through clutches in Sheer TransparencyIMG_78951 IMG_79562

Putting together sexy dresses with fun T-Shirts in The New Party Dressd7d6249ad8bc11e2b61c22000a9f4de7_7 1052663_399986800109976_214833824_o

Redefining The Suit in Well Suited1048973_399984226776900_1064421188_o IMG_6097

Making office wear comfort wear in Working GirlsIMG_86251 IMG_86061


Pants are never boring in Pants PartyIMG_73632

Getting inspired by urban architecture in Urban GeometriesIMG_6092

Letting our inner wild animals shine in Animal InstinctIMG_6199

Playing with our favorite tropical prints in Tropical UrbanityIMG_08461

Keeping warm in some of our favorite capes in Little Red Riding HoodsIMG_07501IMG_64601 IMG_09561

Channeling timeless classic Annie Hall in TomboysIMG_09671 IMG_14481

Welcoming Spring early and playing with flirty florals in Spring AwakeningIMG_6662

As you probably already know, we love mixing prints and piling on the accessories!


Pattern mixing in Layers of FallIMG_08351

Faux fur and statement jewelry in Little Red Riding HoodsIMG_84641

Gold, studs and patterns in Let’s go to the Beach EachIMG_93061

Mixing flower prints and oversized cocktail rings in Flower PowerIMG_00694

Pattern mixing in Mad as a HatterIMG_13811

Mixing prints and textures with bold colorful jewelry in Spring AwakeningIMG_6657

This year we got to collaborate with some amazing designers:


Visiting Hagar Satat’s studio in Inside the Designer’s StudioIMG_80681 IMG_03892

Modeling stunning jewelry by Liat Ginzburg in A Ginzburg WonderlandIMG_01142 IMG_02251 IMG_6357

Modeling for inspiring designer Adi Ashur in Black SwansIMG_96801 IMG_96341

IMG_95323 IMG_95563


And attended some fabulous fashion events and exhibits:


Getting high on accessories at Tel Aviv’s Accessory Market EventIMG_78062


Taking in the stunning art at the opening of Grimanesa Amoros’ exhibit IMG_60292


Luxury shopping and celeb sightings at Tel Aviv’s Fashion Night Out eventIMG_94905

Cool designer finds at Tel Aviv’s T:Market eventIMG_94931 IMG_89163

Beautiful street art at The Seventh Floor street art exhibitIMG_89722 IMG_93862

Behind-the-scenes peek into the design process of fabulous shoe designers Couple OfIMG_6135

An exhibit all about fashion and love

Exhibit featuring designs by legendary milliner Stephen Jones

This year was very meaningful for both of us, but especially for Vera, whose pregnancy was documented on the blog. It’s not easy to be a fashionista while pregnant but Vera never gave up her style.

new-image IMG_84012

First signs of pregnancy in Let’s go to the Beach EachIMG_92831

Growing belly in Flower PowerIMG_91662

Showing off her pregnancy in Animal InstinctIMG_06251

Fabulous layering in Layers of FallIMG_63271

Pregnant humor: dressing up as a pregnant nun for our Halloween postIMG_13681

Post pregnancy style in Spring Awakening

Thank you so much everybody for your endless support, for reading, “liking” and commenting on our posts here and on our various social media sites and mostly for inspiring us! The most amazing thing about the internet is getting to know people from around the world, that has truly been a pleasure!

And the most amazing gift we could’ve received: A fashion illustration of us by the amazingly talented katybabyart! Thank you for this wonderful gift!!



Here’s to another fabulous and fashionable year!

Check out last year’s blogaversary post!

love always,
V & R

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  1. Wow! so many beautiful outfits! Too many to choose a favorite but I love the photo from Tel Aviv Cinematic and the Black Swan outfits (so gorgeous and architecturally interesting) Happy 2nd anniversary, can’t wait to see many more posts!

    • black swans was definitely one of our favorites too 🙂
      thank you so much, we really appreciate all your support and feedback!!

  2. Happy birthday ladies and looking forward to many more to come xx

  3. Happy anniversary!Love all these photos and your always great looks! xoxo

  4. ivana said:

    Happy birthday ladies…you have a fantastic sense of style. It was really nice to see so many different outfits worn for so many different occasions.

    • seeing all these outfits together really helps us reflect on our style. thank you so much, we really appreciate your feedback!!

  5. A very happy second blogaversary to you both! Cheers!💫🎉🎈🍷

  6. You two are so beautiful, unique, and awesome ❤ What lovely pictures ❤ Happy 2nd Blogaversary!! My favorites from this roundup are: Modern Vintage, Well Suited, Urban Geometrics, Spring Awakening, and Lets go to the Beach Each!!! *applause*

    • wow thank you so much!!! we’re thrilled that you like our styling ideas!

    • thank you!!! kisses to you and to fabulous Maya 🙂

  7. Happy Anniversary ladies. So much fabulousness wrapped up in one year – keep it coming! I love the denim and denim outfits against the graffiti – that is one classic and cool snapshot.
    P.S. How’s baby girl doing?! Big kiss to her! xoxo from N&N

    • thank you so much ladies, we really appreciate all your support and feedback!!
      the baby girl is amazing, she’s growing so much everyday, such a little bundle of joy!!
      have a great weekend xoxo

  8. Two years of blogging–BIG congrats + Happy Blogiversary!!
    Totally adore the fashion illustration by katybabyart…
    such a wonderful gift and keepsake!!
    Sending lots of stylish hugs + wishes…
    for the most stylish year three ever…
    happy blogging lovely ladies~ xx

    • thank you so much!!
      have a wonderful weekend xoxo

    • thank you so much! have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Mammu said:

    Congratulations!!!! You always have fun outfits and creative photos!

    • aww thank you so much, we really appreciate it!
      have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  10. Wishing your wonderful blog a happy birthday, may the third year be just as good 🙂

    • here’s hoping that it’ll be even better 🙂
      thank you so much!

  11. Happy Blogaversary ladies! Continue to bring us fabulous fashions!

    • we’ll do our best, thank you!!
      have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  12. Happy blogversary!! I really enjoy following your blog and always find your looks so inspiring!! I love the favorites that you picked!!

    • thank you so much, we always enjoy reading your lovely comments!!!
      have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

    • thank you so much love!
      have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

    • thank you so much Emma, we really appreciate it!!
      have a great weekend! xoxo

  13. Angela / Bouncing Brunette said:

    Congrats! 😀

  14. Lena said:

    amazing post!! :)) I especially love the outfits from International Concepts of Style Event!! I thin the incorporation of cultural elements into design is so chic!! And yes…that white floppy hat…I am inspired!!

    • we absolutely agree, we are so inspired by art and culture and we always try to bring a bit of that to our blog, so we’re really happy you enjoyed it 🙂
      thank you so much, have a great weekend!

  15. Abbi said:

    Happy blogaversary! So many awesome outfits. Vera looked amazing pregnant 🙂

    • thank you Kenya!!
      have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Happy Anniversary, you two are beyond stylish. Keep up the good work!

    • thank you so much!!!
      have a wonderful weekend!

  17. nats110 said:

    Love! Visit my blog

    • thank you!! we will definitely visit 🙂

  18. Happy Anniversary for your blog ! You are a constant admiration to me 😀

    • that is the sweetest compliment, thank you so much!!
      have a wonderful week! xoxo

  19. Oxana said:

    Happy blogaversary girls!!!!!!!!! All the best and success to your project!!!

    • thank you so much!!!
      have a great week! xoxo

  20. Everyday something new and fresh… I just love it girls!

    • thank you so much Rebecca, we’re so happy you enjoy our blog!

  21. May your second blogaversary be as flamboyant as all these incredible outfits ! The @katybabyart illustration is beyond beautiful (it could even be used as your theme !). Keep on the impressively great work ! XOXO

    • thank you so much!!! we always look forward to your amazing comments, it is a huge compliment to have you as our reader!!
      have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

      • Thank you very much, this is truly reciprocal ! Have a flamboyant weekend ! XOXO

  22. Happy Anniversary girls and you two brought out a lot of beautiful, amazing outfits, if I had to choose……….I really didn’t know, (you made it me very difficult) ! Good work both of you and you inspiring me a lot 🙂 !

    • thank you so much darling, we really appreciate all your feedback and support!!

  23. bpreethi said:

    congrats ladies and keep up the great job 😀

  24. Happy Blogaversary laddies! I am in love with the your “inspired by cultures around the world in International Concepts of Style” outfit. You both have always look stylish. Keep up the work! XOXO

    • thank you so much, we’ll do our best!!
      have a wonderful weekend!

  25. Thank you for the comment girls! I’m glad even seasoned veterans such as yourself enjoyed my post. Congratulations and happy blogaversery! Cheers to many more fabulous outfits!

    Sincerely Miss J


    • we don’t really think of ourselves as seasones veterans but hopefully that’s where we’re headed 🙂
      of course we liked your post, you have a fabulous blog!
      thank you so much!!

    • thank you so much Cissy!!
      have a great weekend!

    • thank you so much!! of course we will follow your blog and facebook 🙂
      checking it out now!

  26. What a great post. It’s my first visit here, and I just got a big dose of eye candy. Fantastic outfits girls! And happy 2nd birthday to you both!!!!

    • welcome to our blog, we’re so glad you enjoyed it!
      thank you very much!
      have a great week! xoxo

  27. Don said:

    Congrats Rony & Vera! You two have amazing style, I adore how I never see others with the same pieces as you both and the way you mix and match is très chic! xo


    • thank you so much!!
      have a great week! xoxo

  28. Congratulations on two years! Looking at your blog and the pictures from this post, it looks like you both have fun and definitely are ready to try out new and bold looks! Beautiful pictures.

    • we definitely have a lot of fun, and we believe that’s what fashion is all about 🙂
      thank you so much!

    • thank you so much Jackie, we really appreciate having a fashionista like yourself as our reader!!
      have a great week!

  29. vivian said:

    Congratulations ladies!! You look b-e-a-u-tiful!! Keep it up, fashionistas 😉 xo

    • awww thank you so much darling!! we really appreciate it!

  30. Aww happy two years to your blog!!!! So exciting! Went through those pics and you girls just have such great style and now exactly how to coordinate!!
    Kat | http://www.poshbykat.com

    • thank you so much Kat, we really appreciate it!!

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