Instagram of the Week: Dancing Shoes

Happy friday ladies and gents! Man are we happy it’s the weekend!!

After the hard and stressful week we had, all we feel like is putting on our most fabulous dancing shoes and going out for a girls’ night out on the town!


This week’s pick was taken at a gallery opening we attended as part of Tel Aviv Fashion Night Out event. The gallery featured an exhibit by contemporary artist Eran Shakine whose pieces were very much fashion-forward.

Case in Point: painting of John Galliano modeling his own creations!
Wishing you all a wonderful, restful and happy weekend!
V & R

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  1. Truly fashion-forward indeed ! I’ve always loved the artists who draw inspiration from fashion ! These pieces are really interesting ! Have a fashionably restful weekend ! XOXO

    • we couldn’t agree more, and also fashion that draws inspiration from art, like you display in your amazing posts!
      Have a wonderful weekend love!

      • With such sweet compliments, I will !!! XOXO

  2. Happy weekend! Contemporary art surely challenges the mind, in a good way 🙂

    • we absolutely agree!!
      hope you’re having a great weekend!

    • thanks doll have a wonderful weekend!

    • thank you fabulous Miss J 🙂
      have a great one!

  3. Wow so fab!!! 😀 I wish I could attend the fashion night out event! xo

    • thank you, it was very fab indeed!! 🙂

  4. Would you two be interested in doing a fashion collab with me for my blog? If so, please send me an email ( Xo

    • sounds like a great idea! we will be emailing you today!
      have a great day xoxo

      • Okay awesome! Thanks and have a great day as well! X

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