Chic on New Years: Sparkle

Hello lovely fashionistas and fashionistos,

We hope you are enjoying your holiday season! Next week is New Years Eve and we plan on starting the new year in style. In the following days leading up to December 31st we will be posting styling ideas for what to wear to a fabulous New Years Eve party, dinner with friends, and any other celebration you may have planned.

Holiday Sparkle


Rony wore a sequined crop top, high waisted harem trousers, studded leather jacket, high heeled ankle boots and a coach bag. This is an edgy, sexy look perfect for a cool holiday party. Style your hair up in a ponytail and rock minimalistic accessories to complete the look.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season,
V & R

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    • Thanks Angela, we had a lovely time, hope you did as well!!

  1. I absolutely adore the contrast between this super-sparkling look and the very urban graffiti ! The stunning leather jacket really adds a very edgy feel indeed ! Thank you so much for your festive wishes ! Enjoy the festive season and stay B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. ! XOXO

    • love that you commented on the urban background!
      Thanks so much love, we hope you are having a fabulous holiday season!! xoxo

  2. LOVE the style! A leather jacket is right any day. Wishing both of you a great Saturday ❤

    • we absolutely agree!! thank you, have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  3. The holidays and new years are the best times to sparkle! Xo

    • we absolutelt agree! have a wonderful holiday season!

    • We totally agree! Thanks Mari, have a wonderful weekend!

    • thanks so much love! happy holidays!

  4. I really love how you rock the harem pants! The sequined crop top is the perfect combo for a NYE celebration.

    • NYE is the best opportunity to really sparkle! Can’t wait to see your fab outfits!

    • thanks! street art always makes for a very interesting background!

  5. Sequins is definitely a great way to celebrate the new year. I love how it offsets the edge of the leather. It’s two of my favorite things! xo

    • Thanks love, have an amazing new year!!

  6. Abbi said:

    What a funky outfit! I’m not much of one for NYE so I think I will probably be in my onesie…

    • aww well enjoy that! the most important part of NYE is spending time with your loved ones, no matter what you’re doing!

  7. What a splendid leather jacket, it”s truly sparkling, wish you both 🙂 beautiful happy Holidays !

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