The Perfect Sweaters from!

When getting dressed in winter the first priority is to keep warm. Well, our first priority is to manage to stay fashionable while keeping warm. Therefore, our number one must have item in cold weather is a fabulous sweater!



Both of us hardly have time for shopping, which is why we love online shopping! We recently discovered, an awesome online shopping website which has a wonderful selection of chic and warm sweaters to choose from, as well as any other winter must haves you may be looking for. The best part of this website is that their fashionable merchandise comes in very low prices and free shipping! Now that’s our kind of fuss free shopping experience!

Christmas is right around the corner; every year the holiday season brings with it fabulous knits with adorable motifs, from the heart print to animal patterns. The thing about these cutesy sweaters is that we feel the need to dress them up so that we can wear them everywhere, from the office to the weekend. A great way to do so is by layering them and piling on the accessories.


We picked out‘s Rabbit Pattern Sweater, which is warm, chic and adorable!


Rony dressed up the sweater by wearing it over a patterned tunic, leggings, thigh high boots, a statement Perspex and stones necklace and big rings.

IMG_11121IMG_11181 IMG_11243 IMG_11251 IMG_11472

IMG_10521 IMG_10541 IMG_10571 IMG_10921


Vera made her adorable hearts print sweater more sophisticated by layering it over a polo shirtdress and putting it together with a silk scarf, knit tights and brown flats.

IMG_11271 IMG_11302 IMG_11371 IMG_11411 IMG_11441

IMG_10651 IMG_10691 IMG_10711

IMG_10811 IMG_10801***Styling tip*** Play up your silk scarf by tying it into a bow. It makes the look more interesting and hip!


We like our sweaters a bit oversized so that they can be piled over shirts and dresses for a chic layered look. More ideas on how to style oversized sweaters here.



What are your favorite sweaters? Share them on our facebook page! More fashion and styling ideas on our twitter and instagram!

Wishing you all a wonderful week and a wonderful holiday season!
V & R

  1. Love both the sweater choices and, more so, how you layered and accessorized for a stylish winter look!
    Everbuying is a cool site… I received a really funky jacket from them and it’s making it’s debut tomorrow in my style post! (lol, great minds think alike ;))
    ~XOXO~ Natasha

    • ooooh awesome, we’ll be sure to check it out!

  2. Your sweaters are very nice and I love πŸ™‚ the way how you mixed it with the other clothes and items !

  3. evelenmargaret said:

    The rabbit sweater is so cute and I love the bow scarf.

    • thank you, and thanks for visiting our facebook page, we really appreciate all the amazing feedback!

  4. monica said:

    love both of them. That bunny rabbit is really cute.

  5. Such cute sweaters! The rabbit is adorable and the silk bow paired with the heart sweater has a nice feminine touch! Beautiful ladies!

  6. caroline said:

    Oh, oh that sounds like a dangerous site! You guys look great as always!

    • haha dangerous indeed!! thanks so much!

  7. Abbi said:

    I love the bunny sweater!

  8. I love both of those sweaters! I don’t online shop very much, but this seems like a good site- those are both great sweaters!

  9. Lovely hearts, a cute rabbit and fab styling tips are a fashionable Christmas present from you to us, so thank you so much for this ! Have a fabulous, fun and peaceful holiday season, and congrats for the amazing work you’ve done on your amazing blog throughout 2013 ! XOXO

    • these compliments from you and your constant support are the greatest gifts that we could receive so thank you!!
      here’s hoping we can get better and better πŸ™‚
      have a wonderful holiday season and keep up the fabulous work on your inspiring blog!!
      much love xoxo

      • Deeply appreciated ! XOXO

  10. Mammu said:

    These sweaters are adorable *-*

  11. Kat said:

    You two are awesome! You can make anything look good! Love how confident and great your styles are and I love the necklaces/ties!
    Kat |

  12. eahlay said:

    Ah! The rabbit is wearing a sweater! I love it. Also, I love your lip color, Vera.

    • hahah we loved that too!! thanks for reading! xoxo

  13. Omg, your rabbit sweater is hilarious! Love that he is wearing his own little knit sweater, too! Cute.

    • hahah that was our favorite part of the sweater too!!
      thanks for reading!

  14. A knitted sweater is perfect for winter! Thanks for the gorgeous inspo. Happy Monday to both ❀

    • thank you, hope you’re having a lovely weekend! xoxo

  15. I love your fearless sense of style and creative choices! It’s also always fun to see the unique scenery where you live!

    • aww thanks so much and thanks for reading!!

  16. ahardrain said:

    You guys certainly know how to make sweaters look good πŸ™‚ Happy Holidays

    • aww thanks!! happy holidays to you too, hope you have a wonderful time!

  17. Fun sweaters! The rabbit wearing a sweater sweater is just adorable!!! Have a wonderful week!

    • thanks so much! we hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  18. Love the rabbit sweater layered over the patterned tunic! And tying the scarf into a bow is SO much more fun and stylish than the traditional wrapping it around your neck πŸ™‚

  19. bpreethi said:

    you ladies look lovely! Very holiday appropriate! πŸ™‚ xx

    • thanks Jules, we are checking out your blog now, really fab!!

    • thanks so much! We are checking out your blog now, it’s beautiful!

  20. These sweaters are ADORABLE– wish I had found this site in time for Christmas! Will definitely be checking them out in the new year as well!
    xx, Emily
    shell chic’d

    • Thank you Emily, you should definitely check them out, so chic and fun πŸ™‚

  21. White sweaters perfection!! The bunny is the best!!! xxx

  22. Love the sweaters! And Vera looks fabulous pregnant! Xoxo

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