Little Red Riding Hoods

Capes were all the rage in the fall collections, and for good reason; what’s more fun than feeling like storybook heroines while braving the rain and the cold?!

We decided to give capes a go in one of our favorite colors – Red. Red is a very powerful, feminine, eye-catching color; exactly the kind of mood lifting color we need for those dreary cold winter days!



Rony wore a hooded Urban Outfitters cape with an Asos faux fur stole.


Under the cozy coverup she wore a button down feather print blouse, print skirt, rhinestones necklace, earrings, rings and cuff, and Steve Madden velvet peep toe wedges.

IMG_08351 IMG_08371 IMG_08411


Rony’s faux fur and piles of accessories made this outfit lavish and fit to impress.

IMG_06902 IMG_06992 IMG_07151 IMG_07251 IMG_07331 IMG_07501 IMG_08091 IMG_08181 IMG_08221

Vera wore a knit turtleneck cape.


Under her cozy coverup she wore an asymmetrical top, velvet leggings, blush red flats and a gold geometric necklace.

IMG_08551 IMG_08561 IMG_08582 IMG_08641

The great thing about Vera’s cape is its versatility: it can be worn as a cape or a scarf and create different looks.

IMG_06671 IMG_06711 IMG_06782 IMG_06811 IMG_07621 IMG_07731 IMG_07851 IMG_08001 IMG_07981

Velvet is coming back in a big way this season. We suggest wearing little touches of velvet here and there for a cool wintery effect.


One of our fun joys in life is makeup. We love playing around with it as much as we love playing with our outfits. Being the busy girls we are, our makeup routine is usually very basic. We recently received a wonderful gift: the book Makeup is Art by the Academy of Freelance Makeup, a book filled with amazing ideas and inspirations. We decided to take this opportunity and really get inspired and explore looks we don’t usually wear.


Vera went for earthly tones of brown, gold and light pink. These are the perfect makeup colors for fall and they beautifully compliment her red cape.



Rony decided to mix colors and went for turquoise and antique pink on her eyes and bright pink on her lips. These colors bring out Rony’s brown eyes and give her outfit an edgy flair.



Along with the fabulous book, we also received a massive package of Joy treats (oh the perks of being fashion bloggers). Joy treats are a new product launched and manufactured by Strauss Group, an international food and beverage company based in Israel.


The idea behind “Joy” is to give consumers just that – a big joy they can enjoy for breakfast, on their break at work, or when they get home from a busy and exhausting day. The treats come in awesome flavors (our favorite is the chocolate with coconut bits) which include fruit chunks and chocolate sprinkles and other delicacies.

Strauss also launched a Joy %0 fat treat so we can enjoy all that chocolaty taste without feeling guilty.

IMG_10291What we like to enJOY when we get home: Fashion magazines and Joy treats!

IMG_10331Besides fashion, sweets are definitely some of our greatest joys in life, especially when they come packaged in such pretty fall colors! Yes, we see fashion in everything!

More tips for makeup that can transition from day to evening here and here.

Photos taken at Cinematec, Tel Aviv.



Follow us as we report on some of the most fabulous fashions for the cold months ahead! More What We Wear on facebook, twitter, and instagram!

V & R

  1. Awesome red capes! I wouldn’t have thought to make them into a scarf- that is brilliant. You two are just such a fabulous duo- great place to take the photos as well. xo

    • aww thank you so much!! glad you liked it! xoxo

  2. Another fab styling girls, love these outfits! 🙂 xx

  3. Michelle @ The Wardrobe Update said:

    Talk about a red alert! I love the location you’ve chosen, it’s the perfect backdrop!

  4. You both know how to pose, love 🙂 your Red Riding Hoods look and the location is fabulous ! ❤

    • Thank you, we’re obsessed with it!! xoxo

  5. What a fun red cape! The other piece is very cool too with its versatility. You gals look great 😘

  6. Wow—you guys look amazing! Great shoot and of course, great pieces. You both rocked the cape look so well! I’m totally lusting after your capes!😍

  7. WOW, I’m feeling like a big bad wolf who wants to snatch your capes up along with all you’re wearing underneath, too (makeup and yummy sweets included)! Great job ladies! Looking RED HOT! XOXO

    • thanks so much hotties! our idea of a fairy tale would feature big bad wolves from your saturday man candy posts 😉

  8. Abbi said:

    Love all the red and the fake fur stole is gorgeous. i had a snood like that last year that I lived in. Sadly it fell apart so I am in the market for a new one.

    • thanks so much! we are totally obsessed with faux fur at the moment, let us know if you find something fabulous!! xoxo

  9. Oh, the “Joy” (they look so delicious !) of admiring these gorgeous, elegant and strong Little Red Riding Hoods ! Your posts, like the vibrant red color, truly stand out ! Keep on the inspiring and inspiRED brilliant work ! XOXO

    • thank you so much darling, that really means alot coming from you!! xoxo

  10. I am obsessed with red now, you both look gorgeous, great outfits ❤

    • we’re obsessed with red too, and we’re sure it would look amazing with your skintone and hair color!
      thank you so much! xoxo

    • Thanks so much Mal!!
      checking out your blog now! xoxo

      • aww you’re too kind!! thanks so much!

  11. bec {daisy and the fox} said:

    love the cape!!
    sooo gorgeous 🙂

  12. You look stunning, I do love your capes, there are must have for every woman and I’m in love with such colors and have been thinking to buy coat in such color

  13. Brilliant! I love capes myself, since they go easily over even the bulkiest winter clothes (and I don’t like heavy winter coats). Plus they look dramatic. : ) You both look fabulous!

  14. Sabina said:

    Beautiful capes! Also those wedges are really pretty.

    • that’s awesome, thank you so much!!!
      but for some reason the title of the post says “Diana” hmm..
      thanks again! xoxo

  15. Sjuul said:

    LOVE the red cape with fur, feeling a little envious this moment;) xx Sjuul

  16. The Two Cent Chick (Justine) said:

    Oh goodness…I just love red and you both ROCK it. Love this! Subscribed 🙂

    Justine from

  17. Loving these red capes and the feather top is super cute, too! And that makeup book would make a divine holiday gift! x

    • it would indeed be an amazing gift, we were so lucky to get it!!
      thanks for reading! xoxo

  18. Really like the red tailored cape, very chic and the fur stole really gives it that Old School Glamour look! x

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