Layers of Fall

We’re a bit behind on this but it’s finally fall!!! It is only now starting to get colder in Tel Aviv and we couldn’t be more excited about our cold weather wardrobes!

In fall the weather can be a bit fickle. The days can still get warm but the evenings and nights get colder and there’s always a chance of rain. The best bet then, is to wear layers. We personally love the layered look; the more textures, colors and prints you pile on, the more cool and interesting the look. The only thing to beware of is looking like a bear!

We love layering because it allows us to wear our favorite pieces from summer, like adorable summer dresses we’re having a hard time letting go of.


Vera wore a flower print velvet top over an Aztec print dress, striped cardigan, masculine black booties, beaded collar necklace and see through tights.

IMG_06251 IMG_06381 IMG_06321IMG_04972 IMG_05011 IMG_05022 IMG_05572 IMG_05662 IMG_05712 IMG_06182

IMG_06101 IMG_06021

Vera’s velvet top adds a wintery touch to the outfit. She wore the top above and over her belly to either accentuate or conceal her pregnant belly a bit.


Rony wore a flower print dress with a men’s suit vest, long cardigan, waist cinching belt, knee high socks, velvet rhinestones and gold necklace and a studded tote.

IMG_06431 IMG_06521 IMG_06472 IMG_05152 IMG_05211 IMG_05311 IMG_05381 IMG_05431 IMG_05801 IMG_05821 IMG_05901 IMG_05841

In this layered look, the belt accentuates Rony’s figure and gives the masculine vest a feminine look.
More ideas on why every girl needs a waist cinching belt and how to wear them here.


We are obsessed with knee high socks at the moment, they are perfect with both flats and heels!

Green, gray, brown, and black and white are the perfect colors for fall. A great way to add a pop of color to any fall look is with bright lipstick. We did so with bright red and bright pink lip colors.

IMG_06302 IMG_06443

These photos were taken on a particularly windy day and the wind gave quite cool effects to the shoot. Thank you mother nature!

IMG_05522 IMG_05292
Photos taken at Millenium Building Plaza, Tel Aviv.


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Have a great week everyone!

V& R

  1. You both look gorgeous. I love the layers, patterns and textures mix. Loving the wide belt and knee highs!….thanks for the pingback 😉

  2. Wow, girls you look fabulous, Rony I do love how you did layering, it’s so slick, Vera you have the cuttiest belly:) and I love your skirt

  3. הלבוש של ורה מקסים בעיני והיא נראה נפלא בהריון המתקדם. אוהבת גם את השילוב של שחור וחום אצל רוני. שתיכן מוכנות לסתו שסוף סוף הגיע. שרה

    • באמת סוף סוף!! תודה שרה 🙂

  4. Love the embellished collar and knee socks. The knee socks really remind me of the 90s era i.e Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler films which I was a huge fan of! Cool that you are in Tel Aviv, its one of my ‘got to go to’ places!

    • we love 90’s movies, especially Clueless! it’s such fun fashion inspiration:)
      You definitely have to come visit, it’s awesome here!! Thanks for reading! xoxo

  5. Kenny said:

    Ahhh…very lovely! There’s a lot for my eyes to take in, not only because there are two of you. But everything from your beautiful expressions to the subtle patterns and intricate details. And then I get a big slap on my face from the oversized belt for my attentions!
    The corporate tones of black and grey contradict the fun that you are having with mixing business and casual. I love well dressed shapely legs and these are four of the best. I look forward to seeing more.

    • Thanks so much Kenny!! And sorry about the big slap to your face, we really didn’t mean to 😉

      • Kenny said:

        It never felt so good xx

    • when it comes to jewelry, we love statement pieces! thanks for reading!!

  6. Love these outfits! Very fall appropriate and unique!

  7. Layering is great for fall, as it´s hard to dress according to temperatures. You both look perfect 🙂

  8. dianaetc said:

    I love the layering look and the mixed prints! So chic and stylish you two. 😉

  9. Love both of these looks. They are perfect for the falling temps!

    xx Cara

  10. you both look wonderful in layers – they’re definitely the best for fall and winter. I love the handbag!!!!

  11. Love this lovely layering look, you girls are very creative and it’s also a very smart look ! Compliments for the clothes and accessories 🙂 !

  12. bpreethi said:

    Such great separates which you ladies have put together so beautifully. Love! xx

  13. These exquisite outfits are just fabulous layering affairs ! Love the knee high socks, the wonderful statement necklaces and the different shades of grey, black, green … Thanks so much for the advice on my blog : I really do appreciate your interest and your support ! You both look sensational !!! XOXO

    • Thank you so much! and it’s our pleasure, your blog really inspires us!!

  14. Stella said:

    Aw :3 Every time I look at you I am so excited how you both look. GORGEOUS! I bought over-knees a couple of days ago, too and I love to see how you style them.


  15. I really like both outfits, but Rony’s is my favorite 🙂 I love wide belts that accentuate the waist.

  16. You two beautiful ladies sure knows how to make a girl jealous….. Love your outfits and you were looking extra crispy and lovely if am allow to use that word lol. Love your blog.

    • Thanks so much love!! we’re really glad you enjoyed 🙂

      • I really did to be sincere…. Thanks for the pretty face you keep showing us. 🙂

  17. Exquisite looks! Both of them!! I love the black top..and the layering.. so pretty!

  18. Michelle @ The Wardrobe Update said:

    Love your layered looks! Keeping colours neutral is a great way to work with all those different prints, too.

    • that is very true! thank you and thanks for reading!

  19. You two have the most stylish duo blog ever! I like the skirt/jewelry/tights/knee high looks here- and mix of textures and prints. xoxo

    • aww thank you so much!! we really appreciate all your amazing support! xoxo

  20. Hola! Thanks for stopping by my blog with those super sweet comments. You ladies clearly are both fabulous! I love both outfits, and I hope to be as stylish as Vera when I have a little bun in the oven too!

    • Thank you so much!! We love your blog by the way, so inspiring 🙂

  21. fabulous looks, ladies! Love that collar necklace and pattern mixing

  22. I like your layer look and love your necklace – gorgeous.

  23. Fantastic outfits, you both look great! 🙂 And that bump is adorable, when is the baby due?

  24. matiale said:


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