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Hello fellow fashion lovers!
In honor of the next Tel Aviv Fashion Week we decided to feature our favorite designers, ones that have completely unique designs and who seem to exist in their own unique universe in the fashion world. The first designer was Liat Ginzburg and this time it is Adi Ashur.


The designer only graduated with a degree in fashion design two years ago and already has impressive range and experience under her belt. We’ve worked with Adi in the past (see post here), every time we see a new collection of her design we are awe-inspired. It’s very rare to see such a young designer with the level of talent, creativity, and craftsmanship that she has.

Adi’s inspiration comes from the circus: everything is about the “show”. The outfit must create a lasting impression that is part of the performance and the drama. There’s no doubt that Adi’s designs leave a lasting impression.

IMG_95092 IMG_95123

IMG_95142 IMG_95812

Black and white are the perfect colors for any occasion and every season: from office to evening to casual wear. We love that while Adi’s collection was based on these basic, accessible colors, she made a couture extravaganza out of them.

The first dress Vera wore was actually designed to be a bridal gown, in Adi’s very modern and unique take on what bridal gowns should be. It was hand woven from silk threads and then the designer unraveled the threads in the upper body to create a cut similar to that of a corset.

IMG_95952 IMG_95941 IMG_95972 IMG_96002 IMG_96032
Vera accessorized with a headband and collar necklaces in silver and pearls.

IMG_96341 IMG_96372 IMG_96391 IMG_96413 IMG_95313

Rony wore a backless knit top with a high waisted layered skirt with jewel and lace overlay.

IMG_95563 IMG_95572 IMG_95323 IMG_96052 IMG_96071
Rony accessorized with a bejeweled turban, chain necklace and studded clutch.

IMG_96262 IMG_96323 IMG_96272 IMG_96281 IMG_95293


IMG_95404IMG_95453 IMG_95512 IMG_95653

IMG_96801IMG_96862 IMG_96872 IMG_96931 IMG_96722 IMG_96752

For Rony’s second outfit she wore a form fitting dress with a bow tied tulle cape.

IMG_96542 IMG_96622 IMG_96592IMG_97694 IMG_97732 IMG_97093
Vera wore a high waisted asymmetrical cut skirt with a bejeweled tulle cape.


IMG_97541 IMG_97653 IMG_97634 IMG_97643 IMG_97292 IMG_97053 IMG_96832

If you thought that we always look as fierce as when we’re posing, well… of course we do!


All clothing and accessories: Adi Ashur designs, studded clutch, Jeffrey Campbell shoes.



What We Wear and designer Adi Ashur.IMG_97743

Photos taken at “White City” sculpture garden, designed by famed artist and architect Dani Karavan, in Edith Wolfson park. You may recognize the beautiful scenery from this photoshoot.

IMG_97364 IMG_95012 IMG_95022 IMG_95041 IMG_95242 IMG_95901

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V & R

  1. I love these edgy photos! You two are looking completely fabulous in those creative and glamorous outfits- xoxo

  2. elkee said:

    Wow you girls really took my breath away in those outfits. Forget al of these magazines with their fashionable pregnant celebs, Vera you totally blow them out of the water! And Rony I you look great in that first outfit! I’m in love with the Turban and the stockings!

    • Thank you so much elkee! We believe that women shouldn’t change their style during pregnancy, no matter how crazy it is, and working with Ashur just made it more clear..

  3. Both of you are looking fierce in Black and White! Such gorgeous outfits, both unique and ‘show stopping’. True works of art set against the perfect backdrop. Great post ladies! Looking forward to your next post (with anticipation). XOXO N & N

  4. Nadia said:

    Gorgeous, and that turban kind of makes me think I need to get one!

    • Nadia, you absolutely need to get one 😉 we’ve been obsessed with them since the photo shoot!
      Thanks for reading!! xoxo

  5. Love the whole collection and you two were beautiful in it ! Xoxo

  6. I’m blown away by this collection, but especially first dress, it’s absolutely unique! You girls represent this collection amazingly, I love how you extended eyelashes it looks as miracle butterflies. styling is perfect

  7. Abbi said:

    Wow! Amazing outfits!

  8. You both look so fashionable. Love the gown and the skirt.

    • Thanks you, those were our favorite pieces too!! xoxo

  9. There’s a “drama” feel that I really like in the super-glamorous makeup, very creative looks and your wonderful “strike a pose” attitude ! The mayor of Tel Aviv should give you a medal for spreading stunning talents in such a shining way ! BRAVO ! XOXO

    • thank you so much, your words really mean alot to us!! and we totally agree about the mayor of Tel Aviv, giving him a call right now! 😉

  10. fashboulevard said:

    oh my goodness, more fabulous than ever. Obsessed with these looks. If you get a sec, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest. 🙂 xo

    • thank you so much! and absolutely, we’ll take a look!

  11. riocodes said:

    Wow.. It’s a great photo shoot and you girls really rocks. You both are looking gorgeous in those outfits.

  12. Amazing pics! love both outfits! supercute!

  13. caroline said:

    Ahhhh, I love this! I can’t wait to see all the pics from fashion week!

    • thank you!!! we can’t wait to post about it!

  14. Stunning! All of these looks are just perfect!

  15. Fabulous, girls, love these outfits so much! That first dress on Vera with her bump is just perfect, and also adore the skirt Rony is wearing – a bit of an Alice in Wonderland feeling.
    Anami, xx

  16. I seriously love you two!!! Love the outfits and especially love the feathered eyelashes!!! Werk!

    • hahah thanks!! we seriously love you too!! xoxo

    • Thank you so much, we were definitely inspired by the architecture! xoxo

      • Thanks for the follow. Keep rockin’!

  17. Hannah said:

    Stunning photoshoot!

    wanna follow each other on Facebook, Twitter and bloglovin ?

    Elegantesque Blog

  18. wow – these photos are amazing. I especially love the star print!

  19. Wow love it! You both look amazingggg! The lashes are super cool, too!! xo

  20. That dress looks so great over your adorable belly! 😀

    And I’m really in love with both of your second outfits!

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