A Ginzburg Wonderland

In a world where fashion is accessible anywhere and everywhere on the web, every designer item has a knockoff and when a trend becomes trendy every self respecting fashionista wears it (case in point: the Zara skort), we want unique!

It has always been our goal, and we know that many girls share these feelings, to wear something that not everyone has, something more special and rare.
In comes jewelry designer Liat Ginzburg.

IMG_00931 IMG_03161

Ginzburg jewelry can best be described as works of art. All pieces are hand made by the designer and no two pieces are exactly the same.

Liat creates her jewelry using unique components, from vintage pieces from the 70`s and the 80`s, which she collects on her travels in streets and markets around the world, to various plastic, perspex, rubber and wood components, combined with pieces created by laser cutter.

IMG_00841 IMG_00871


Ginzburg’s unique jewelry has been featured in the most prestigious fashion magazines around the world, from Italian Vogue to French Grazia, to Spanish Harper’s Bazaar, to Belle Mode. She has become the darling of stylists and celebs and women from across the world. While we were photoshooting at Liat’s studio, jewelry was getting picked up for Trinny and Susannah’s Tv show, currently being shot in Israel.

That’s pretty impressive for a designer who doesn’t even have a PR or marketing team. She must not need one, her stunning jewelry speaks for itself.

1003019_538859996197659_808447951_nTrinny and Susannah rocking Ginzburg jewelry. Photo courtesy of the designer’s instagram. More photos of beautiful women in Ginzburg jewelry on the designer’s facebook page.

Some of our favorite Ginzburg Jewelry pieces:
We admit it was very hard to pick because we loved everything!


IMG_01022 IMG_01041

There’s a city on my cuff!IMG_01062 IMG_00811 IMG_03973 IMG_04001


IMG_01141 IMG_01151

Be sure to wear some flowers on your neck.

IMG_01211 IMG_01221

IMG_01691 IMG_01751

Queen V!

IMG_01331 IMG_01391 IMG_01351 IMG_01731

IMG_01963 IMG_01503

R makes new friends!IMG_01471


IMG_01612 IMG_01642

IMG_02161 IMG_02191 IMG_02251 IMG_02273 IMG_02441 IMG_02481 IMG_00771 IMG_02533 IMG_02581IMG_02744 IMG_02822 IMG_02982 IMG_03022

IMG_03252 IMG_03391 IMG_03261 IMG_03352 IMG_03461 IMG_03501 IMG_03511 IMG_03522


What we wore

The styling idea behind our outfits for this post was to create a blank canvas for Liat’s beautiful jewelry.Β After reading our friend Diana of Manhattan Image and Style‘s post on colors that go with your skin tone, we realized we love clothes in light yellows but never actually wear them because we always assumed they would look bad with our fair skin! Diana inspired us to give these colors a try!

Vera wore a plaid yellow strapless dress with a sheer banana blouse and light beige sweater on top.


Vera is now starting the third trimester of her pregnancy so she has quite a big belly, which by now is pretty difficult to hide.


Vera likes to show off other parts of her body, like her legs which have stayed skinny throughout her pregnancy (some girls are just lucky!).
Vera’s outfit, composed of layers, knits, and tights, is perfect for fall and as the weather gets colder.

Rony wore a cream sheer top with Topshop banana tweed shorts and a vintage beige masculine blazer.


IMG_01971Rony’s shorts do a great job showing off her long legs; since they are so short, wearing them with oversized pieces on top keeps the outfit elegant and interesting.

We do believe opposites attract when it comes to fashion so to set off our sexy outfits, we both rocked masculine flat booties, perfect for fall!


This photoshoot was taken at Liat’s studio, a wonderland in its own right, rich with colors and textures and adorable animals that model jewelry!

IMG_03181IMG_04101IMG_02061 IMG_02032 IMG_02001 IMG_00791
We had so much fun playing in Liat’s studio, we really felt like little girls in a candy store!

IMG_03732 IMG_03771


Rony chilling with Lady Gaga.IMG_03661

IMG_03872 IMG_03892


Mostly we enjoyed discovering that besides being insanely talented, Liat is an absolute sweetheart!

Thank you for everything Liat Ginzburg!!


Coming up next: We model some of our favorite couture creations by one of the most talented young designers around!

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V & R

  1. I love these creative photos!! Gorgeous jewelry- all so unique. Definitely statement jewelry!! Looking lovely ladies!! xo

  2. WOW the vibrant statement pieces ! WOW the tattooed mannequin ! WOW the yellow tartan ! WOW the masculine-inspired beige outfit ! This is definitely a WOW post, even better than a candy shop ! XOXO

    • “WOW” is definitely the consensus when it comes to Ginzburg Jewelry :))
      thanks so much, we’re so happy you liked it!!! xoxo

  3. Fabulous ladies!! You both look very fashionable as always! Those yellow tones look amazing on you. Thank you for mentioning me on your post! It is always an honor to hear that I have inspired someone else. I’ll be sharing your link on my Facebook page to share your impeccable style. πŸ˜‰ ❀

    • It’s our pleasure! Thanks for sharing!! xoxo

  4. You girls are fortunate:) to may have wear these beautiful statements and you both are looking good πŸ™‚

      • You both have a wonderful blog ! πŸ™‚

  5. Wow, wow, wow! I would be in bling heaven if I were there.Like a kid in a candy store is an understatement! I will have to check out her jewelry, I seriously love all the pieces you photographed.
    What you mention about having unique style is so true..and something you both truly possess ❀

    • aww thank you so much!! we were definitely in bling heaven, the only problem was deciding what pieces we loved the most! xoxo

  6. alessia sica said:

    Amazing pics and accessory! i love it

  7. M goodness! What fabulous pieces! They are truly a work of art…and you ladies look fantastic!

  8. Hard to say which one I like the most, however the all black is amazing ❀ Thanks for sharing!

    • thanks for readingg, so glad you liked it!! xoxo

  9. Debra said:

    Such interesting pieces! Although I can’t say I’ve actually heard of her name before. No wonder she got so popular! Lovely post πŸ™‚

    Debra Bros Blog

  10. Daniella said:

    great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  11. Donald said:

    These accessories are gorgeous, Rony & Vera. I love it when designers use unique geometric shapes rather than just the standard square, circle, triangle, etc. I completely agree with you, I always try to find the most unique things as possible, having things that many have is sooooo boring. This is kind of off topic, but the two of you have some flawless skin!

    xx Donald

    • we absolutely agree about looking for the unique, there is so much imitation in fashion, which indeed is very boring!
      thank you so much, you are so sweet!!

    • thanks for reading, we’re so glad you liked it!!

  12. Holly shit!!!!!!! Sorry girls for my language, but it’s awesome perfection! Love all of these pieces I even can’t pick out! Vera has so cute belly:) Girls you look fabulous!

    • hahah that was pretty much our reaction too, amazing right?!!!
      thank you so much for your sweet words!! xoxo

    • Thank you!
      and sure, checking out your blog now!

    • Thank you so much!! We love your blog πŸ™‚

  13. Those jewels are amazingly and seem fun. I love the vintage touch.

    • Thank you! we wanted to take them all home!! xoxo

  14. I love the electic pieces, what a fun store!
    You both look great and yellow is your colour!
    x Kirsty

  15. antoniodrum said:


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    You are so sweety and beautiful

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