Mad as a Hatter

For the last in the series of exhibits we attended as part of the educational and inspiring Holon Fashion Week, we had the great pleasure of visiting world renowned Milliner Stephen Jones‘ hat exhibit.


Mr. Jones is one of the most important milliners of the 20th and early 21st century. He has designed hats for the likes of Dior couture and Vivienne Westwood, as well as icons like Grace Jones, Diana Ross, Lady Gaga and Boy George. His designs have been exhibited at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum (more from the museum here), and was invited as a guest of Holon Fashion Week, to educate the local fashion community on iconic fashion-making.


Photo courtesy of Holon Fashion Week.

The exhibit showcased a collection of some of Jones’ favorite hats, in varying materials and styles.


IMG_99871 IMG_99891 IMG_99912

We were really impressed with the craftsmanship and design behind the hats but what we loved the most was the humor and fun that Mr. Jones infuses into each and every single one of his hats. And that’s what fashion should be, no? Fun and never taking itself too seriously.

IMG_99941 IMG_99921

Some of our favorites:
A matador inspired hat adorned with a silk flower, the perfect match between strong and bold and feminine and pretty.

IMG_00061 IMG_00081

Oversized metal eyelashes.

IMG_99961 IMG_99981

We wished there was more on display, Jones’ stunning creations left us craving more!

The exhibit was held at the Holon Design Museum which always houses intriguing design exhibits. You may remember this museum from the awe-inspiring Yohji Yamamoto exhibit we attended.

While we were there we decided to visit another exhibit, this one by Ron Arad, the industrial designer/architect who designed the museum itself.


What’s so interesting about Ron Arad is that in everything he designs, whether it’s architecture, furniture, or art, he employs what we like to call “new age artisanship”.
Computer softwares and technologies are employed at every stage of the work process, from planning to design to implementation and production. This becomes very interesting with the different materials Arad uses, from metals to plastics to video projected onto silicon cables.

IMG_00161 IMG_00172 IMG_00251 IMG_00271

IMG_00321 IMG_00331 IMG_00351

Ron Arad furniture design


Chairs made out of old car seats: The leather originals and a metal prototype.IMG_00411 IMG_00491 IMG_00451 IMG_00511

Gorgeous chaise made out of bent metal sheets. We wish we could take this home!

IMG_00541 IMG_00531

Rony wore a feather print blouse with an oriental flower print maxi skirt, studded high heeled mary janes, Marni for H&M necklace, and leather oversized clutch.






IMG_00561 IMG_00631 IMG_00701 IMG_00551

More intriguing Holon Fashion Week exhibits here and here.

Coming up next: the extravagant events of Tel Aviv fashion week, up close and personal with some of the designers we’re most inspired by, and our favorite fall/winter fashions!!
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V & R

  1. That marni necklace and the bold background (exterior) is just AMAZING together !!
    I have never seen a Stephen Jones exhibition (always just miss it!) but great shots! Love the eyelashes too … Mmm. Have you looked up Elsa Schiaparelli designs? I did my dissertation on her and I think Mr Jones looked to her for some inspiration at times!
    I xx

    • you’re so right, we were also reminded of Elsa Schiaparelli’s work while visiting the exhibit! She’s another iconic and intriguing designer.
      Thank you and thanks for reading!! xx

  2. ahardrain said:

    Mr Jones was quite the visionary. I had never heard of him before. As always your post is very informative and visually stunning. 🙂

    • He really is a visionary, such an inspiring and creative designer! Thank you and thanks for reading!!

  3. Donald said:

    I love the interesting designs, and shapes of the hats, furniture and architecture.

  4. You ladies always see the most interesting shows! Those hats were gorgeous- and you are looking lovely as always!! Love the mix of the two prints and statement necklace!

    • we definitely feel very lucky to be able to go to all these exhibits and events!!
      Thank you and thanks for reading! xoxo

  5. Wow, fantastic artworks….love the extravagant hats!!

  6. caroline said:

    Ahhh! I am in love. Hats are some of my fave accessories! Love this.

    • Yayyy! so glad you liked it, especially as a major hats fan 😉
      we love them too, and always wish we had more occasions to wear hats to! xoxo

  7. I wish we had more excuses to wear hats and some are just amazing works of art.

    • we absolutely agree! we wish we had some lavish and extravagant ball to attend and could then “borrow” some of these Stephen Jones creations! Thanks for reading! xoxo

  8. The matador hat is a stunner. I love it.
    And I really love your outfit – you have a great knack for mixing prints.
    xoxo Natasha

  9. I’m amazed by the quality of the exhibitions you showcase on your blog ! Stephen Jones’ creations are stunning (these oversize eyelashes are insane !) and Ron Arad’s work is always so sharp ! Love your floral dress which really stands out in this fabulous place ! XOXO

    • aren’t the eyelashes amazing?!! we’re in love with them!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and continuous support! xoxo

  10. melissadomoraud said:

    Felt in love with your blog!
    and I like this post 🙂

    • Thank you so much! we visited your blog too and loved it!!! xoxo

  11. Very interesting hats. I like the metal artworks; the chair and the bicycle are amazing.

    • those were our favorites too! thanks for reading!! xoxo

  12. cecylia said:

    wow what an incredible exhibition!! The hats and all the sculptures!

  13. Michelle said:

    Those hats are amazing! It looks so cool to see them all displayed together in one space. I’m especially in love with the hat with the eyes and the metal eyelashes! AMAZING.

    • We are also obsessed with the eyelashes one, so cool! these hats are true pieces of art! thanks for reading, so glad you enjoyed 🙂

    • we absolutely agree 🙂 thanks for reading! xoxo

  14. Love those hats, what an interesting post! Also I really love your outfit, that skirt is gorgeous!


  15. Kat said:

    I Love these!!! I think i’m gonna start wearing them! 😉
    Kat |

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