For the Love of Fashion

Holon fashion week is going at full force and after visiting intriguing jewelry and shoe design exhibits, up next on our busy schedules was New Love: an exhibit featuring the concept “new love”, as seen and expressed by fashion people, artists, photographers, and designers.


Tamar Karavan, the stylist and fashion photographer curator of the exhibit, said that she chose artists and designers to feature in the exhibit who all share the same sentiment; that “new love” is something that gives you a “high” of happiness, euphoria and curiosity and at the same time makes you apprehensive and unsure.

IMG_93161 IMG_93222

White dress by designer Dorin Frankfurt, with painting and installation by artist Yoav Hirsh: the perfect “marriage” between fashion and artIMG_93312

IMG_93591 IMG_93322

One of Karavan’s pieces were featured in the exhibit as well: A one-piece bathing suit where the stitching is a medical drawing of the heart with its arteries and blood canals, and by it a photo of Tamar Karavan, modeling the bathing suit.


Another beautiful and inspired piece was a dress made out of paper by young designer Odelia Arnold, as inspired by poetry written by famed stylist Mayan Goldman.


Our favorite piece in this exhibit was Fontaine de Sang (French for Fountain of Blood), a stunning hand-sewn silk couture piece with a bleeding heart. This piece was designed by Mor Kfir, who recently graduated with a degree in fashion design.

IMG_93383 IMG_93473 IMG_93522

Another recent fashion graduate, Mayan Levi Alentek, exhibited hand-knit watermelon heels, very humorously named “kitchen wear”.


We’re sure we’ll see a lot more from these two creative minds in the future.

Vera wore a layered midi skirt, striped top, silver chain necklaces, red ballerina flats, black tote and knit cardigan.


Rony wore a bustier blouse, pinstriped skort, cage heels, layered rhinestone necklaces, and a vintage Chanel bag.


The exhibit was held at an amazing gallery, a beautiful space with a gorgeous garden.

IMG_93621 IMG_93711

This gallery is very aptly named The Farm, it is a bit of rural land in the middle of the city. While the place was a bit hard to find, it was definitely worth our efforts!

IMG_6230 IMG_6156

More fashion parties, events, and of course amazing designs coming soon on the blog! Follow us on facebook, twitter, and instagram!

V & R

  1. Wow, that sweater and dress were both gorgeous. We very rarely get fashion shows/exhibits here, which is a real shame. Anyway, glad that I can see them through your blog. Both of you are looking fab- love that vintage Chanel bag. *swoon. Totally want one!

    • that Chanel bag was definitely love at first sight (speaking of love ;))
      we’re so happy you enjoy our posts, thanks for reading!

  2. Great exhibit. I love each piece, especially the watermelon heels. I can picture myself wearing them, lol.
    Love you both in black and grey. And, of course, you have to tease us with that amazing Chanel bag…ahhhh 😉

    • oh we would love to see a post of you in the knit watermelon heels!
      thank you!!! xoxo

  3. It seems like a worthwhile exhibition, I must go and see it… I love the watermelon boots, it is certainly an item which would give its wearer a “high of happiness, euphoria and curiosity”. Both your gray/black outfits are lovely. Thanks for sharing. Sara

  4. What a stunning exhibition !!! Thanks for sharing such astounding pieces and installations, particularly Mayan Levi Alentek’s “watermelon” shoes, and Mor Kfir’s “Fontaine de sang” masterpiece ! And to pay homage to such a beautiful event, you definitely have chosen the perfect outfits ! xoxo

    • just like you, we love sharing beautiful things with the world! thank you so much for reading and for your lovely words!!

    • Thanks so much Nina! We are so inspired by art and fashion exhibits and just had to share this with the world!

    • Thank you so much!!!! we’ll check it out now!! xoxo

  5. Nice post! That white dress is so beautiful. I love the outfits both of you too.

  6. I have no words for the watermelon shoes!!!!! Unique post!!!!

    • thank you thank you thank you!! So glad you enjoyed!

  7. Those watermelon heels will surely turn heads. Very interesting and unusual designs.

    • Thank you, we’re so glad you enjoyed!
      by the way, we couldn’t find the link to your website, it doesn’t appear on your wordpress profile :/

      • Sorry I don’t have a website. I don’t need one yet at this time but when I decide to create one, I’ll give you guys a shout.

  8. Omigosh!! Love those watermelon shoes! They’re so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • haha that was pretty much our reaction too! so glad you enjoyed, thanks for reading!

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