Sheer Transparency

Sheer clothing is so hot right now! What we love about this trend is how versatile it is: it can have a romantic, delicate look, it can go more sexy and bold and it can also be totally right as office wear! It’s all a matter of layering the fabric and putting together the outfit.


Vera wore a dotted sheer fuchsia blouse over a camisole with sheer overlay shorts, strappy wedges, and a gold and lavender rope necklace.

IMG_81371 IMG_82191 IMG_82231IMG_82271 IMG_82281


Rony wore a sheer patterned button down blouse with a blue high waisted skirt, leopard print high heeled mary janes, multicolored drop necklace, ear cuff earrings and big cocktail rings.

IMG_81321 IMG_81642


IMG_82314aIMG_82392 IMG_82451

Both of us rocked one of our favorite hot accessories of the moment – the see through clutch. Vera chose a neon yellow version and Rony a clear one.



The funnest thing about summer is that you can get away with wearing and mixing almost any colors! If you’re not comfortable with wearing bright colors in your clothes, incorporate them into your accessories as we did: Vera’s purple necklace and neon yellow purse and Rony’s multicolored necklace and bright orange ring.

IMG_81771 IMG_81802 IMG_81851 IMG_81901 IMG_81941 IMG_82011

IMG_81441 IMG_81661 IMG_81711 IMG_81551 IMG_81562 IMG_81613


One rule of thumb we always like to follow is to either reveal on the upper body or to reveal on the lower body, never both. With this trend we feel it is especially true, so that the outfit doesn’t become too over the top. And if you decide to go bold and show some skin, don’t forget to wear your best under garments!

More ideas on how to wear sheer pieces here!

Photos taken at Green Gallery, Shfayim.

IMG_81291 IMG_81462 IMG_81411

So what’s your favorite sheer piece of clothing? Connect with us on facebooktwitter, and instagram!


V & R

  1. I love everything about this post! I used to have a see-through heart-shaped purse in eighth grade and I wish I still had it. . .

    • see through and heart shaped?? that sounds adorable! Thanks for visiting 🙂 xx

  2. Love how you guys are wearing sheer! I usually shy away from it but this looks fabulous.

    • Thanks Caroline! you should try it, we’re sure it would look fabulous on you!

  3. I love sheer blouses they are so sexy. Gorgeous outfits and really nice work on mixing color.
    -xoxo- Natasha

  4. You rock girls! I just love your fresh outfits1 xxx

  5. carmynstyle said:

    hi just found your blog, and already follow it, this post is so colorfull and really like it, nice work with the outfits, if you follow mine I wll be VERY thankfull,, AND TO EVERYONE ELSE WHO WANT TO, you are massively welcome. xx

    • Thank you, we will definitely check out your blog! 🙂

      • carmynstyle said:

        Thank You so much! Xo

  6. Gorgeous bright fashion and absolutely love the handbags!! ❤

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