Inside the Designer’s Studio

It’s so inspiring to see an artist’s work process and to see them in their element.
We were invited to Hagar Satat’s studio to experience some of her work process as she launches her new collection. As two girls who live and breathe fashion sometimes we feel that we’ve seen all. Satat’s work, however, surprised and excited us!


Hagar Satat is a celebrated Israeli jewelry and accessories designer. She graduated from the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and soon after opened her first design studio and launched her first collection. She has her own stores in Tel Aviv and sells her designs at retailers across the country, as well as in North America and Europe.

While Hagar’s education focused mostly on jewelry, she also explored different areas of fashion and textile. These different disciplines are displayed nicely in Hagar’s creations, her accessories are focused on creating the perfect dialogue between the materials she uses – silver and gold, leather, plastic, and fabrics.

IMG_80412 IMG_80421 IMG_80433 IMG_80441

IMG_80921 IMG_80621 IMG_80642

We were lucky enough to have been treated to a private tour of the studio, while Satat herself explained her design process in each collection. We then snooped around every shelf and nook of the studio, trying to take in as much design as possible!


We are big fans of Hagar’s designs and were delighted to get a glimpse into the behind the scenes of the designer’s work. Satat’s jewels have the capability not only to upgrade an outfit, but even to make the outfit and become the main attraction rather than the background piece.

Our favorite pieces:
We are absolutely in love with Hagar’s gold, PVC and leather cuffs!

IMG_80681 IMG_80392 IMG_80671

They slip on the wrist, no need for annoying clasps that scratch your skin. they come in gorgeous colors, perfect for summer. They make a statement all on their own but also look amazing piled up! These are definitely going on our birthday wish list!

IMG_80722 IMG_80732

Satat recently launched a new collection, Perlin, offering jewelry that can be suited for younger clients and is more accessible and day-to-day ready.

IMG_80941 IMG_80451

The best part of the event was that Hagar treated us to our own leather and gold bracelets! We got to pick the color of the leather braid, both of us picked a gorgeous green color, and are now proud owners of a limited edition Hagar Satat bracelet!

IMG_80852 IMG_81101 IMG_81012 IMG_81032
Have we mentioned how much we love being fashion bloggers?!

Hagar looked lovely in an oversized print tunic, minimalistic sandals, and her own leather and gold drop necklace.

IMG_81063What We Wear and Hagar Satat

Vera wore a sparkly graphic print T Shirt with a layered midi skirt, mustard cardigan, studded moccasins and collar necklace, and a knit bag.

IMG_81131 IMG_81161 IMG_81172

Rony wore a toucan-print peplum top with a layered miniskirt, gray patent stilettos, vintage silk and Perspex purse and a layered necklace.

IMG_81182 IMG_81192 IMG_81232

For more of Hagar Satat’s jewelry and store locations visit her website here.
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  1. wow! You girls were so lucky to breath such atmosphere and see all that work, Its awesome experience! Looking fab as always!

    • We really were lucky, and the designer is so sweet and amazing! Thank you so much! xoxo

  2. I absolutely love seeing work spaces like this, so many beautiful things being created!

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