Asaf Avidan Different Pulses Tour

Happy Sunday everyone!

Last night we went to Asaf Avidan’s concert in Caesaria’s amphitheater and are still enchanted by Avidan’s spell!


Asaf Avidan is an internationally renowned Israeli musician and multitalent. He sings, writes songs, plays the guitar, electric guitar and harmonica and casts a spell on his bewildered audience. We’ve always been big fans of his music but nothing could’ve prepared us for such an incredible, nearly three hour live show!

IMG_5549 IMG_5550 IMG_5553

The concert took place in Caesaria, home to one of the most beautiful archeological sites in the world, dating back to the Roman Empire. The performance was held in a Roman amphitheater, adding to the dramatic effects and powerful acoustics.


Rony at Caesaria’s amphitheater.IMG_55681

One of our favorite songs from Asaf Avidan’s latest album (Different Pulses), Love it or Leave it.

Visit Asaf’s website here for more info and tour dates. We highly recommend listening to his music and going to his concerts!




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