Without Breaking a Sweat

Happy Monday everyone!

We like to lead a healthy lifestyle, we eat healthy and take care of our figures by exercising regularly. We try not to compromise our style, and stay fashionable even while sweating at the gym. If we make an effort to infuse fashion into our sportswear why not do the opposite as well: infuse comfort into our fashion wear! We did so by turning some of our favorite sportswear items into chic wardrobe staples that can be worn just about anywhere!

IMG_70991 IMG_71002

Sportswear and ready to wear have been mixing a lot recently, from designer collaborations at the big athletic clothes brands (case in point Stella McCartney for Adidas), to sneakers that sport the trendiest prints and colors. What’s not to love about a trend that doesn’t only look good but is also so easily wearable, flattering and comfortable!


Rony wore vintage pink running shorts with a striped button down blouse, gray oversized jacket and beige and pink flats.

IMG_71891 IMG_71861 IMG_71871 IMG_72071 IMG_71851

Rony’s super short shorts look great with oversized items on top, so as not to reveal too much skin.

IMG_70932 IMG_71391 IMG_71481 IMG_71343 IMG_71193 IMG_71521 IMG_71572 IMG_71602Vera wore an Adidas pencil skirt, striped button down blouse, yellow jacket, studded belt and studded flats.

IMG_71981 IMG_71991 IMG_72001 IMG_71961 IMG_72021 IMG_71931

Vera’s look is ready to tackle a long day at the office.

IMG_71281 IMG_71331 IMG_71271 IMG_71081

IMG_71092 IMG_71621 IMG_71671 IMG_71741 IMG_71761

Photos taken at Cinematec, Tel Aviv.

IMG_71051 IMG_71781 IMG_71801 IMG_71812

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Wishing you all a wonderful week,
V & R


  1. I love how you incorporated your sporty skirt and shorts into wearable, casual outfits. Fun photos, you girls rock!
    Happy Monday, Natasha

  2. super sportwear mixing! The pink shorts are hot hot hot!

  3. ืžื”ืžื. ืื™ื–ื• ืฉืจืฉืจืช ืžื“ื”ื™ืžื”….ืจื•ืฆื” ื›ื–ื•! ื•ื’ื ืืช ื”ืžืขื™ืœ ื”ืฆื”ื•ื‘

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