Blue and White and Patriotic All Over

Today marks Israel’s 65th Independence Day! For such a small and young country, Israel is home to a beautiful variety of landscapes and a beautiful diversity of people all united by their patriotism and love for life. Independence Day is celebrated with huge parties, barbeques and general joy and happiness.

Everyone dresses in the colors of the Israeli flag to celebrate. In honor of this beautiful country we love so much, and in honor of its flag, we too chose outfits in the colors of blue and white.

IMG_69982 IMG_70023 IMG_70011

Vera wore a vintage sleeveless blue button down blouse with loose white jeans, red ballerina flats and a red long cardigan.

IMG_70211 IMG_70202 IMG_70171 IMG_70282 IMG_70321 IMG_70341 IMG_70361 IMG_70591 IMG_70602 IMG_70641 IMG_70701 IMG_70731

IMG_70262 IMG_70253

Rony wore a white zip front blouse, blue high waisted skirt, gray tights, silver gold and rope necklace, and gray patent stilettos.

IMG_70093 IMG_70061 IMG_70392 IMG_70402 IMG_70432 IMG_70802 IMG_70522 IMG_70531 IMG_70542 IMG_70551 IMG_70741

This photoshoot took place at a major center for Israeli arts and film: Cinematec Tel Aviv. The Cinematec features films by the most prominent Israeli filmmakers as well as by the most anonymous, independent ones. We love the architecture and the use of glass and graphic design to create a truly beautiful space.

IMG_69971 IMG_70811 IMG_70821 IMG_70911 IMG_70871


Photos taken at Cinematec, Tel Aviv.


Happy independence Israel, may you continue to rise and prosper! Happy celebrations to Israelis around the world!
love always,

  1. Lovely independence outfits, girls. Happy celebrating! xoxo

  2. I can’t wait to visit Israel one day and to see the tree that was planted for my wedding! You guys look great and I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating!

    • Thanks, Caroline! You should absolutely come visit!!

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