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We absolutely love vintage. As far as we’re concerned, the more antique the better! We especially love romantic lace that makes you feel like a starlet from a different era. Lace has always been such an important part of fashion – from outerwear to knickers it is the ultimate symbol of femininity and grace. Worn with a certain jacket or shoe, lace can become a bit gothic or more soft and romantic.

While vintage and retro are beautiful, overdoing the style can get a bit.. well, granny-ish. To make our vintage pieces more current we spiked our outfits with a bit of punkish modern attitude. Here are the results:

Modern vintage outfits Modern vintage outfitsRony wore a Chanel-esque vintage crochet pullover and a black lace chiffon blouse.

IMG_67921 IMG_67971 IMG_67943 IMG_68242 IMG_68261 IMG_68311 IMG_68321 IMG_68301 IMG_68441 IMG_68491

Rony modernized the look with a black studded mini skirt, greenish gray tights, studded cuffs and Victorian peep-toe booties.

IMG_68661 IMG_68671 IMG_68681 IMG_68701 IMG_68841

IMG_67831 IMG_67871 IMG_67891

Vera wore a very babydoll-like vintage lace overlay mini dress.


IMG_68091 IMG_68171 IMG_68201 IMG_68351 IMG_68401 IMG_68531 IMG_68601 IMG_68631

Vera made the outfit modern punk with her black leggings, layered chain necklaces and tough-as-nails booties.

IMG_68751 IMG_68762

IMG_68771 IMG_68791 IMG_68831

What better location to photograph these outfits than at one of Tel Aviv’s most beautiful old buildings, the Beit Heseg building, located on one of Tel Aviv’s most beautiful streets, Rothschild Boulevard.

IMG_68991 IMG_69011 IMG_69052 IMG_68891 IMG_68941

This building was originally planned and built in 1924 by prominent Israeli architect Yehuda Megidovitch, is under preservation and has undergone restoration by important Tel Aviv architects such as Yaski architects. We just love the way this eclectic building blends with its modern surroundings!


Photos taken at Beit Heseg building, Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv.

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V & R

  1. jalal michael sabbagh. said:

    Exceptional stunning pictures.Wishing you success.jalal

  2. Love the modern take on your “vintage” outfits and I enjoy your scenic pictures of Tel Aviv. Nice job, girls! 😉

  3. Oh I agree I love, love vintage and I love how you’ve made it contemporary! So wonderful

  4. the 2 looks are amazing! I love vintage clothes!

    love, Gongy

  5. I love both looks, but especially Rony’s skirt and top 🙂

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