G.I. Jane

There’s something very sexy about a powerful, strong woman; one that can look out for herself and doesn’t need a man to protect her: a modern G.I Jane who can take on a military uniform as easily as she can a dress and stilettos.

We’ve already posted about how amazing the uniform trend is this season, whether it’s denim or prints. This time we went military gear in honor of one of the hottest trends of the season. It seems the army trend is always there, ready to attack; it defies seasons and is perfect for any kind of style.

Military outfits

As two girls who served in the Israel Defense Forces, we know how to work with a uniform and its color palette! The military trend is not just about camouflaged pieces but also khaki, olive green and even whites!

Army unifrom trend Military trend

Rony wore an olive green dress with a Sergeant Pepper cropped denim jacket, waist cinching belt, gold and rope choker, studded moccasins and a beret.

Rony's outfit Rony's army green style Rony's style Rony's outfit Rony's outfit

Rony's outfit

Rony’s beret adds a French twist to the outfit and the moccasins, while extremely comfortable, add a tough-yet-chic twist. French beret Gold choker necklace Cropped jacket and feminine dress Studded moccasins

Vera wore an olive green maxi skirt with a sparkly graphic T-Shirt, camouflaged jacket, sparkly cuff and studded flats.

Vera's outfit Vera's style Vera's military outfit Vera's army green outfit Vera's outfit Vera's style

Vera's outfit

Vera’s top gives the outfit a very cool and modern look and her cuff gives a surprising pop of color to the whole outfit.

Tough as nails camouflage Army green, silver, and purple Mixing lengths and prints Studded flats

Both these looks are sexy but in different ways that show off our personalities and different styles.

Military gear

Photos taken at Ya’akov Garden, Tel Aviv.

IMG_65801 IMG_65811 IMG_65901 IMG_65961 IMG_66911 IMG_4695 IMG_4696 IMG_4698

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  1. Great photos! I’m loving that purple cuff!

  2. I love how you both gave the military look some chicness. Awesome idea and photos.
    Kisses, Natasha and Nensi

    • Thank you!! We love your blog by the way, really fabulous!

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