Jean on Jean

Happy weekend darlings!

The uniform trend is oh so hot this season!  Camouflage, military and of course the ultimate day to day uniform, denim.

There must be something about denim; other than the LBD it is the only classic we can think of that never fades from the fashion scene and is always relevant. When put together with other pieces, denim is usually the simplest and most comfortable item to wear. However, mixing denim items can get tricky, and has even been considered a faux pas. We beg to differ.

In light of the current fashion outlook of making trends personal, mixing and matching and going against the wave, we propose doing it your own way and having no reservations!  Here we (attempt to) prove that a full on denim uniform is so right and so right now.

Full on denim outfits Jean on Jean

Rony wore a denim button down blouse with a denim heart print skirt, jean jacket, lavender tights, bright yellow bag, brown bow flats and a rope and gold necklace.

Rony's outfit

Rony's style
Rony's denim outfit


Rony's outfit

Rony's outfit

Rope and gold and denim
Triple denim Denim blouse and skirt Hearts print

Lavender and brown

Vera wore a denim button down blouse, denim skirt, jean belt, and studded jean jacket with black tights and red ballerina flats.

Vera's outfit
Vera's style
Vera's outfit Vera's outfit

Studs and denim Studs on jean on denim Blouse and skirt triple denim Red flatsWe wish there was a tip or word of advice on how to mix denim “right”, but there was nothing specific we did to put these outfits together; we just tried a few options and kept the ones that felt right.

The best tip we could give is one that we always find relevant: wear what makes you feel amazing!

Our style

This photoshoot is the opening to a new series we are launching: Tel Aviv living.
While we love and can really appreciate the fetes of architecture the city has to offer, and love shooting them for our posts – Case in point Shades of Gray which was shot at Tel Aviv’s Art Museum – we love discovering hidden urban gems. In every city we visit around the world we love discovering its true essence and true personality. We are often more drawn to the residential sites rather than to the tourist sites and always try to learn how the true “city people” live.

Tel Aviv Living – Yehuda Halevi
This street showcases an eclectic mix of old and renovated buildings. The building we chose for the shoot is eclectic in itself – a mix of classical columns, oriental bricks and arches, a minimalistic façade, and adorned with modern graffiti.

Yehuda Halevi building Yehuda Halevi building

Yehuda Halevi architecture

Bricks and graffiti Yehuda Halevi building

The main façade of the building has a garden that, while being overly neglected, is intriguing in itself with its huge ancient trees that provide shade for the entire building.

City Garden

City Garden

Photos taken at Yehuda Halevi st. Tel Aviv.

Follow us as we report on more architectural and hidden gems the city has to offer.
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  1. אני כל כך אוהבת אאוטפיטים שהם טוטאל דנים לוק!
    זה תמיד נראה כל כך שיקי ולא מתאמץ!

    שבוע מקסים שיהיה לכן! 🙂

  2. love both necklaces! and your denim looks!

    love, Gongy

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