Fashion Night Out Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s finest boutiques opened their doors to some of the city’s coolest fashionistas, models, drag queens, tweens and other passerbys for the first ever Fashion Night Out Tel Aviv!

The event took place at Tel Aviv’s uber-exclusive Kikar Hamedina, a central square which is home to the most luxurious boutiques selling both Israeli and international labels.

Balloons at Burberry

Some boutiques we particularly enjoyed:
Persy had a live dj who played very cool electro beats and self serve Jaegermeister and Red Bull next to some amazing dresses.

Pearls, gold, and diamonds (and amazing goodie bag) at Pandora

Madame de Pompadour had dames dressed in 18th century costumes playing the violin and entertaining the crowds.

Michal and Moran, a Tel Avivi label we happen to love, had their mannequin sitting pretty in a gorgeous pale gown on a wooden horse in the middle of the red carpet.

It was hard to tell what sparkled the most, the dresses, the Champaign or the fashion stars strolling the carpet!

For us this event was especially meaningful because it puts our city on the map as a true fashion capital.

Rony’s FNO outfit: cotton romper, men’s suit jacket, vintage heart shaped purse, sequins and fabric necklace, silver jewelry and metallic strappy high heeled sandals.

Follow us as we report from more fashion events during Tel Aviv’s month of fashion! Coming up next: an intimate afternoon with one of Israel’s most influential designers, international fashion bloggers visit Tel Aviv, fashion shows and events and much more!

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Vera and Rony

  1. barolucas said:

    great post! thank for follow me! happy weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

  2. It is so cool, we love it here!!
    Thanks for reading 🙂

    • I agree, that’s why I love this international event so much! It’s like international fashion awareness day 🙂
      Loved your post, thank you for the compliments and for reading!!

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