Paper and stuff..

Hello fellow tights lovers!

This time we decided to show you that not only do we know how to dress but we’re also super creative and talented! 😛

During the last semester we had a two week workshop in cooperation with HaAretz daily newspaper in which we had to create and design with recycled newspaper. Rony and her partner designed this amazing light fixture made out of folded newspaper, they called it “Page 22” because they used only this page in their work (Duhh)!

My partner and I made a coffee table in the shape of an exclamation mark: the table has two parts, one is made of paper mache and the other is cartboard covered with articles from the newspaper that have anything to do with the sociocultural evolution happening in Israel… both of our works were valued at 3500 NIS, the highest priced projects on display at the exhibit!!

Here are some photos showing our work process and some pics from the La grand opening event!

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Rony & Vera


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